Actias maenas 10 eggs

Actias maenas  10 eggs
Actias maenas  10 eggs Actias maenas  10 eggs Actias maenas  10 eggs
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Actias maenas Australasian region


Very successful breeding produced quantities of eggs this spring We can now take orders for eggs from the summer breeding in August.


This giant Moon Moth is very seldom offered as eggs or larvae: they are as special as Coscinocera hercules.



The larvae are not difficult to rear on Eucalyptus. They like some warmth and humidity.  The larvae are also reported as eating Privet Ligustrum, Acer (Maple family) and Salix (willow and sallow family),  Liquidambar, Rhus, Malus, Walnut. Y oung larvae change their colour and pattern with each skin-change, becoming very handsome and large. The Actias likeness is very apparent and the features are considerably enhanced in this species.


Both sexes have very long tails, and the slender russet male is quite distinct from the larger, very bold ochre-yellow female.


This is a continuously brooded species that will produce further generations through the year. This is a rearing and breeding opportunity not to be missed!