Plastic Rearing Containers. If you receive eggs through the post, transfer them immediately into one of the small plastic rearing containers. Don't use a paper lining and never add foodplant to eggs in a box. Keep away from sunlight. As the larvae hatch, give them time to eat some of their egg-shells and when they have wandered away, coax them gently on to the end of an artist's paintbrush which can then be used to transfer the larvae to a larger plastic rearing container, lined with absorbent paper and with a sprig of freshly gathered foodplant. Loose leaves don't keep well, use a sprig with both stem and leaf.

Plastic Rearing Containers are suitable for young larvae, before they are large enough to cage or sleeve. There should be an absorbent paper lining to the larvae box. Foodplant must be very fresh and changed every day, together with the paper lining. Don't try to pull larvae off a leaf or stem, just cut the plant round the larva and put on a fresh lining with the new food each day. Don't allow the box to be in sunlight, and don't think a missed day for cleaning out won't matter. Absolute cleanliness is essential. The closed container keeps the foodplant fresh. No holes are needed because there is more than enough trapped air for larvae to breathe. Never allow excessive condensation, nor mould. The size of box should be chosen according to the size and number of larvae being reared. Crowding larvae (unless they are gregarious) can be a cause of disease. Although it is best to rear young larvae on fresh growing foodplant, if healthy conditions are maintained in plastic boxes, this method of rearing is often very successful, convenient and protective for the larvae. If you have growing foodplants and suitable temperature, then larvae can be sleeved on the foodplant, which ensures that foodplant is fresh and reduces time caring for them. Please see the Sleeve section of the WWB website.


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Plastic Box Square Size 1. Carton of 24
Availability: NOW

Plastic Box Square Size 1. Carton of 24 73 x 73 x 20mm


A very rigid, shallow container, ideal for posting in a padded bag. Use this size to keep eggs, young larvae, pupae and to display specimens. Depth 20mm.




Plastic Box SQUARE Size 3. Carton of 10
Availability: NOW

Plastic Box Square Size 3. Carton of 10 73 x 73 x 50mm



Plastic Box Square Size 3

Extra size gives more space for larvae, larger cocoon storage in winter. Very handy for field study. Depth 50mm.



Plastic Box Size 3 Very Small. Carton of 10
Availability: NOW


Plastic Box Size 3 Very Small. 55 x 37 x 20mm Carton of 10

Very handy size for eggs and small pupae. Easy to post in a padded bag. Several fit the pocket for field work.



Plastic Box Size 7 Small. Carton of 8
Availability: NOW

Plastic Box Size 7 Small. 77 x 45 x 20mm  Carton of 8


This small box is excellent for rearing a few small larvae, keeping eggs, ideal for posting in a padded bag, and for storing winter pupae. You can also mount small specimens in it.


Plastic Box Size 4 Medium Flat. Carton of 5
Availability: NOW

Plastic Box Size 4 Medium Flat. 125 x 80x 20mm Carton of 5


Clear vision in a nice flat box that is extremely useful to the breeder to hold larger numbers of eggs or small larvae. The flat shape is ideal for storing winter pupae in a small space and does not take up too much room in the fridge. Large enough to display exotic butterflies and moths. A very handy size.



Plastic Box Size 8 Medium. Pack of Six
Availability: NOW

Plastic Box Size 8 Medium. 140 x 79 x 60mm  Pack of 6

This size, new to our range, is excellent for larvae, giving more depth than the flat Size 4, giving more space for foodplant, yet keeping young larvae enclosed and in full contact with the foodplant. This is very important when establishing young larvae.

A very handy box, economical of space, yet large enough to store cocoons or rear a number of smaller larvae.The boxes stack well.  We think you will find it as useful as we are finding.

Plastic Box Size 5 Large. Pack of 2 SALE PRICE
Availability: NOW

Plastic Box Size 5 Large. 174 x 115 x 60mm  Pack of 2


For rearing larvae this is the perfect size. Plenty of room for growth. The boxes stack well. Ideal for storage of larger numbers of winter pupae and bulky cocoons. Clear vision all round makes this ideal for displaying specimens, particularly the chunky ones that require depth. 



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