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Moths of the British Isles. Colour Identification Guide, by Bernard Skinner
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Moths of the British Isles. Colour Identification Guide     Bernard Skinner

One of the best works on British Moths, compact text and cross-references simplify identification. Third revised and updated edition April 2009..

A colour identification with 42 plates, illustrating over 1600 species. 

Current assessment of breeding species and genuine migrants, their status, habits and distribution.  Hardcover.  325 pages. 9.5 x 7.5"  



Field Guide to the MOTHS of Great Britain & Ireland
Availability: From November

Field Guide to the MOTHS of Great Britain and Ireland  Paul Waring & Martin Townsend.   Illustrated by Richard Lewington

To identify your catch this book is the first ever to depict every species as you find it in the wild, in completely natural positions, instead of wings spread as in a collection. Absolutely outstanding. More than 1,600 superbly detailed illustrations of over 880 species, showing moths in their natural resting positions.

Photographs of larvae. Comprehensive tests for each species, and general introduction to identifying and studying moths. A superb companion to accompany WWB's Moonlander Moth Traps.   Quite the best moth book available. 



Field Guide to the Micro Moths of Great Britain and Ireland
Availability: From November

Field Guide to the Micro Moths of Great Britain and Ireland   edited by Phil Sterling and Mark Parsons, illustrated by Richard Lewington. 

A new guide to micro-moths, illustrated with over 1500 artworks and photographs.   Soft cover, 416 pages

Written by a team of experts from across the British Isles, the book describes and illustrates over 1000 species of micro-moths.


Concise Guide to Moths of Great Britain and Ireland.Paul Waring, Martin Townsend illustrated by Richard Lewington.
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Concise Guide to Moths of Great Britain and Ireland.    Paul Waring, Martin Townsend and illustrated by Richard Lewington.

Nearly all the resident and migrant British & Irish species of macro-moths illustrated with concise descriptions opposite the plates. Softcover. 160 pages.

British Pyralid Moths
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British Pyralid Moths      A Guide to their Identification by G Goater. 

All 208 species are clearly described and illustrated in the colour plates.
Concise description of each species, life history, distribution and food plants etc. 9 colour plates, 112 text figures, 178 pages.
Breeding Butterflies & Moths - Ekkehard Friedrich
Availability: Being re-printed

Breeding Butterflies & Moths   Ekkehard Friedrich

 A practical Handbook for British and European butterflies and moths. Very highly recommended.

Information on breeding 1000 species. 10 x 8". 176 pages. 47 text figures.

 A complete and important book for anyone keen to breed and conserve insects.  One of our best selling titles.


Caterpillars of the British Isles, Colour Identification Guide.  Jim Porter
Availability: NOW

Caterpillars of the British Isles, Colour Identification Guide.  Jim Porter

Illustrates 850 butterfly and moth larvae. 

Books for identifying caterpillars are very scarce.  This excellent caterpillar guide is now available again. Foodplants, Habits etc. detailed for each species. 

Compliments Skinner’s Moths. Hardback    275 pages. 

The best guide for many years.

British Moths by Chris Manley
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British Moths  A photographic guide by Chris Manley.

The new edition to the previous British Moths and Butterflies.
This has almost 1300 micros plus all the macros, (approx 3200 photos) using the new taxonomy of Agassiz, Beavan & Heckford. With distribution maps and bar on each photo to show the actual size.

There are no butterflies or caterpillars covered this time.     Hardback, 448 pages.

Collins Complete Guide to British Butterflies and Moths
Availability: NOW

Collins Complete Guide to British Butterflies and Moths by Paul Sterry, Andrew Cleave and Rob Read.

A comprehensive and fully illustrated guide, with more than 2500 photographs to help identify each species of butterfly and macro moth found in Britain and Ireland with ease.

Includes details on behaviour, eggs and larvae, status, geographical range and preferred habits, along with a section dealing with the ‘rarest of the rare’ - extinct species or very rare immigrants. 

Softcover, 368 pages

Lepidopterist's Handbook NEW
Availability: NOW

Lepidopterist's Handbook NEW  by Peter May

A NEW HARDBACK edition.  Includes many new topics, including field equipment and methods, moth trapping, breeding considerations and conservation.

228 pages with 24 colour plates and 41 b/w plates

Checklist of Lepidoptera of British Isles
Availability: NOW

Checklist of Lepidoptera of British Isles by David Agassiz, Stella Beavan and Robert Heckford. 

A new checklist which completely overhauls the previous Bradley list and aligns with the current European classification of moths and butterflies.

Larval Foodplants  P.B.M Allen
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Larval Foodplants     P.B.M Allen

A comprehensive guide to the foodplants of British Lepidoptera with alternative plants. 

This is useful for breeders.  Hardcover. 126 pages.