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Leaf Insect Phyllium giganteum TWO nymphs
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Leaf Insect Phyllium giganteum Far East

Now these insects are truly spectacular! More perfect leaf camouflage does not exist! 

We supply well established nymphs 2 cm or more in length. The best food is Bramble which is available all year. They will also feed on Oak. These insects are more delicate than stick insects, but with care they are not difficult to keep. They need warmth all year and spraying to maintain humidity. 

Eggs are laid loose on the bottom of the cage, and take months to hatch. The female looks like a bunch of green leaves. The male is still leaf-like but has long folded wings.

Rearing and Studying Stick & Leaf Insects
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Rearing and Studying Stick and Leaf Insects Paul Brock


Specifically intended for beginners, although it is also suitable for experienced Phasmid enthusiasts, it is one of the few guides to rearing that features the majority of the culture stocks available, 22 species in detail.  The informative text is complemented by 8 colour plates, 14 black and white plates and 29 figures.