PHASMIDS Leaf & Stick Insects, Mantids and more

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Leaf Insect Phyllium giganteum TWO nymphs
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Leaf Insect Phyllium giganteum Far East

Now these insects are truly spectacular! More perfect leaf camouflage does not exist! 

We supply well established nymphs 2 cm or more in length. The best food is Bramble which is available all year. They will also feed on Oak. These insects are more delicate than stick insects, but with care they are not difficult to keep. They need warmth all year and spraying to maintain humidity. 

Eggs are laid loose on the bottom of the cage, and take months to hatch. The female looks like a bunch of green leaves. The male is still leaf-like but has long folded wings.

Macleay's Spectre (Prickly Stick Insect) Extatosoma tiaratum 10 eggs
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Macleay’s Spectre or Australian Prickly Stick Insect Extatosoma tiaratum

This is one of the world’s most spectacular insects, and the female is reputed to be one of the heaviest insects on record, heavier than many birds! The male is slender and has large, folded wings. Female wings are vestigial.

Eggs usually hatch in spring and summer. Before hatching, keep the eggs in moist coir or peat compost at 10-20 degrees C. Keep eggs moist, not wet. Avoid mould.

Nymphs grow quickly in summer, becoming adults the following year. Feed on Bramble, Oak or Eucalyptus. Cages with netting sides or an aquarium are suitable. Change the food about 3 times a week, depending on temperature and how long the food is lasting.

These are hardy creatures, but they must be given regular care most days. They love having the foodplant sprayed! The adult females have a firm grip with spiny legs. If treated harshly they can retaliate! The males develop large wings and can fly across the room!

In winter Bramble and Eucalyptus are available. Keep the insects at living room temperature. Eggs are dropped loose on the cage bottom. They take months to hatch, and will sometimes do so even if the adults have not mated.

In all stages these are fascinating creatures and ideal for children, with adult supervision.



Peruvian Black Beauty Stick Insect Peruphasma schultei 10 eggs
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Peruvian Black Beauty Stick Insect Peruphasma schultei,

These are unsuitable to send internationally but can be sent to GB addresses.

Only recently discoverd in Peruvian forest. You get adults of both sexes. Very attractive insects, easy to keep in a ventilated cage, feeding on Privet. They enjoy a spray most days with tepid water.

This species comes from just a small area in Peru and are not known from anywhere else. They are very special.

It is best not to let YOUNG children have the insects walking on their hands, because they have a defence mechanism that produces a pungent fluid when they are alarmed. Sometimes an irritant. You should wash hands after handling.

The insects are otherwise completely harmless. Their appearance in contrasting black and scarlet is an interesting example of colours that warn off predators.

Eggs are laid loose on the bottom of the cage.



Rearing and Studying Stick & Leaf Insects
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Rearing and Studying Stick and Leaf Insects Paul Brock


Specifically intended for beginners, although it is also suitable for experienced Phasmid enthusiasts, it is one of the few guides to rearing that features the majority of the culture stocks available, 22 species in detail.  The informative text is complemented by 8 colour plates, 14 black and white plates and 29 figures.