PHASMIDS Leaf & Stick Insects, Mantids and more

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African Peacock Mantis Pseudempusa pinnapavonis FOUR young mantids
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African Peacock Mantis Pseudempusa pinnapavonis

First time offered! One of the most beautiful of all mantids!

Nymphs are supplied, over 1 cm long, so well established and able to catch food.

Mantids do not feed on greenery. They catch live insects for food and you must ensure that you can give them such things as fruit flies, small crickets and possibly maggots.

They must be kept each one in their own cage or cylinder. Before ordering, please familiarise yourself with the needs of mantids.


Giant Hissing Cockroach Gromphadorhina oblongonata 5 Nymphs
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Giant Hissing Cockroach Gromphadorhina oblongonata


Cockroaches have an unfortunate reputation, but these are clean creatures and make good pets! Yes, they hiss when you pick them up. Don’t keep doing this, remember they are creatures and don’t ill treat them.


Supplied as young at 2.5cm long or more, they quickly grow to become very large, sometimes up to 12cm long! Keep in a tank with compost in the bottom. Give them some sticks and stones to hide in and live amongst. Feed on fruit, greenery, vegetable scraps, and they like fish pellets.


Rearing and Studying Stick & Leaf Insects
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Rearing and Studying Stick and Leaf Insects Paul Brock


Specifically intended for beginners, although it is also suitable for experienced Phasmid enthusiasts, it is one of the few guides to rearing that features the majority of the culture stocks available, 22 species in detail.  The informative text is complemented by 8 colour plates, 14 black and white plates and 29 figures.






Zompro’s Stick Insect Parapachymorpha zomproi 10 NYMPHS medium to large
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Zompro’s Stick Insect Parapachymorpha zomproi 

A calm, child-safe species of stick insect that responds to handling easily and will not try to run. It cannot fly and does not spray pungent chemicals. They are night-active, during the day they sit still or are seen in rocking type motion when the air moves around them. 

Bramble leaves, Oak and Hawthorn leaves are good food for Zompro’s Stick Insect. It will also accept rose and raspberry leaves. This stick insect species is very easy to keep at warm room temperature around 20 °C to  30 °C with night time temperatures allowed to drop a little. To keep the air humidity up for moulting you must spray their enclosure every day which also allows them to drink from foliage etc.


Zompro’s Stick Insect needs both males and females to reproduce. The males are more slender with a smoother skin growing to 5-6cm living 3-4 Months. Females are larger with broader bodies and can grow to 9-10cm and have wonderful coffee brown and black markings. They will live up to 6 months, producing large numbers of irregular shaped brown eggs dropped to the ground. The eggs take up to 5 Months to hatch, depending on conditions and time of year.