Sleeves are a great aid for rearing Lepidoptera.  Sizes are approximate.

On growing foodplant sleeves enable a constant source of fresh food, and for periods away on holiday larvae can be left unattended for days. The sleeve can be on a bush or tree outside, or it can be slipped over a potted plant.  As well as providing fresh food, the larvae are prevented from wandering, and they are protected from predators and parasites.

Sleeves can be a useful substitute for cages, and much less costly. You can often rear larvae on cut food contained in a sleeve, as long as the foodplant is changed before it loses its freshness.

The sleeve is slipped over a branch or plant and both ends are secured to prevent escape. Our sleeves are hand sewn using black material which gives excellent visibility.

The mesh is fine. The netting is strong and durable – suitable for use throughout a winter for hibernating larvae. Click the View button to see tips on using sleeves and diagram of sizes.


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SLEEVE PACK One each of Sizes 1, 3 and 4 with Velcro
Availability: NOW

SLEEVE PACK One each of Sizes 1, 3 and 4 together with Velcro for securing.

These three sizes are the most used sleeves. A PACK of Sleeves is a useful standby for the serious breeder, both for oneself or as a gift for an enthusiast. 

Sleeving larvae is the preferred rearing method for many breeders. The larvae live very naturally on growing foodplant. At the same time they are both protected from predators and prevented from straying. Sleeves can even be used as an economical substitute for cages on growing or cut foodplant. 

With closed ends, these sleeves have the innovation of a zip along the side that gives instant access for inspection, and popping back any larvae that may appear on your arm after tending the sleeve! The Zipped Sleeves are amazingly useful and we wonder why we didn't have them before!  In addition, there is a shorter zip at the closed end, which enables removal of litter and frass. The SLEEVE PACK is a welcome addition to the WWB range and is serious equipment for the enthusiast.


Giant Size 5 100 x 160 cm NEW Bag Sleeve with TWO zip openings on opposite sides, for instant access.
Availability: NOW

Giant Size 5 100 x 160 cm NEW Bag Sleeve with TWO zip openings on opposite sides, for instant access. 

The end of the bag is sewn up. The open end is slipped over a branch and tied. 

This is truly a GIANT size! You can sleeve an entire bush, or large branch. Ideal for serious breeders, wanting to give very natural conditions for the larvae being reared. It's so big that zips are provided on two sides, so you can get to any part of the sleeve. SO much easier than tunneling in from one end!  This giant size makes a very economical giant cage.

With two wide zips the way is clear for all inspection and maintenance, and frass is instantly removed. When large larvae are ready to pupate, Hawkmoths and others change their colour and shape, becoming shorter and fatter in readiness for pupation. With the zip access these semis are easily collected each day, to go into their puparium.

Conventional sleeves, open at either end and with no side access, take much longer to open and close, particularly so when using very large sizes. It is quite common to find, after struggling to gather and tie the free end, there are one or more caterpillars you want to put back inside. With zip access there is no struggle - just unzip, pop in the late comers, and zip up again - INSTANTLY!

Showing the larvae to family and friends is so much more interesting, when you can open the wide zip, display the larvae in their natural setting, then zip up again, with no faffing!

When you use a Zipped Bag Sleeve you will wonder why it has taken until now to come up with such an innovation!