SPECIMENS for collectors


The first specimen listing will be Copper Butterflies, Some aberrations, Historic specimens of dispar batavus Purefoy rutilus and  a single dispar dispar. The Coppers include some very extreme aberrations of the Small Copper phlaeas, and some unusual species of European Coppers.

Following this, in autumn, will be examples of British rare butteflies, and some British caught rare migrants. A section of specimens from the Graham Howarth Collection, which is very strong on Lycaenids, notably coridon, with aberrations both major and minor, and a listing from a number of collections such as Turner, Siviter Smith, Leeds and others, including some of the rarest and most extreme aberrations ever encountered. A number are famous and are figured in major works and journals.

European butterflies from the very fine Allcard Collection will be available.  

World Collections will include those of Cox, Percival and Jamieson Little.

The work in cataloguing, describing and illustrating for the website, will take much time, and will continue into next year and beyond.

This will also be an opportunity to buy series of quality type British Butterflies, as well as the star attractions. Later will come listings of British moths.

The first listings are now online, with aberrations of the Small Copper added in the coming week. Due to creating a modern new computer system the first lots were delayed while the system was being perfected. Because we are now in the busiest livestock season ever, lists will resume in the autumn. We do apologise to those who have kept checking and hope that it will be worth the wait.

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