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Duraluminium Telescopic Net Handle Small Size G 33-70cm
Availability: NOW

Duraluminium Telescopic Net Handle Small Size G 33-70cm

A compact telescopic handle that is almost pocket size and ideal for inconspicuous use. Lightweight. Positive locking action at any set length between max and min. Well made, with good hand grip.

The net frame screws into the M6 thread at the end.

Perfect for travel and easily transported in the field and as air baggage.

Folding-frame NET and BAG - NO HANDLE
Availability: NOW

Folding Frame Net and bag.  Can only be used with a handle, ordered separately.

A range of superbly made nets, with quick folding steel frames and well fitted bags.

They are sold as frame and bag WITHOUT handle.  It is essential to order one of the handles, without which the net frame will not function. Select the handle from the from the handle range shown in this section. 

65 cm diameter discontinued.



Availability: NOW

Three sizes:
40cm diameter £8.95
50cm diameter £9.95
65cm diameter £13.95
Availability: NOW


The frame and bag requires the addition of a handle. The recommended handle is the short telescopic model, but the fitting will allow other handles if preferred. The net cannot be used without the addition of a handle, so please order the handle of your choice.

New design and construction. Two aluminium arms fit the sturdy Y-piece. The end hoop is made of rigid but flexible nylon. This gives tension to add rigidity to the frame, but allows some shock resistance if the net is brought down hard on the ground. Nicely balanced, professional net for which we recommend the smaller telescopic handle (33 to 70 cm). The thread will fit a female screw fitting of 6 mm (M6) or can be adapted for 8 mm (M8).

The longer telescopic handle can also be used where particularly long reach is required.

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The very full net bag is made of durable fine mesh and it closes completely at the Y-piece.

Note: To dismantle the frame, press the nylon hoop on a table or the ground and press downwards. This releases the tension and allows the frame to be taken apart for travel.

Spring Frame Pocket Net - NEW SUPERIOR DESIGN
Availability: NOW

Spring Frame Pocket Net - new superior design

This net is better made and designed than any other pocket net we have ever seen.    

The compact folded size is most convenient for lightweight travel and is ideal for unencumbered field work, when you need both hands free for photography and examination. From pocket to open net is achieved in seconds.

The design is based on an ideal design from Japan that was in the WWB range over 50 years ago, but became unobtainable. After a long absence we have now sourced this updated and even sturdier quality frame, that will last indefinitely and provide a most important aid to field study.

The short handle is nicely balanced, and all that is usually needed, but an adaptor is supplied to allow the use of one of the telescopic handles (available separately and not with this net), when required.

The diameter is an ample 35cm or 14", folding down to only 13cm or 5", easily fitting a trouser pocket.

TO FOLD hold the frame at arm's length (to keep the spring steel away from the face) with both hands, and twist in opposite directions, forming a figure of eight. Draw both hands together, which forms the frame into a small circle. The spring steel can be held in place by hooking it under the knurled knob at the join to the handle. The bag is then wrapped round and tucked into itself, to keep the frame from springing open.

The net bag is fitted by threading the spring steel frame through the net bag rim. The drilled ends of the spring steel are overlapped and secured by a knurled knob that screws into the metal Y-piece with short handle. Included is a thread converter that should be kept in a safe place for use if you wish to use a telescopic handle that uses a 6mm screw thread. 

Please note that the above description and illustrations are given here for reference when you wish to fit the bag and learn to fold it. Printed instructions are not sent with the net, so if you are buying for somebody else, they may need to refer to the above.

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The same figure of eight fold is shown without the net bag:






Availability: NOW

Spare bag for the Kite Net.