SUPER GIANT Spring-frame Breeding Cage

SUPER GIANT Spring-frame Breeding Cage
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SUPER GIANT Spring-frame Breeding Cage  Regrettably unavailable, but we are booking orders. We will list again as soon as more can be obtained.

This cage provides substantial flight area for butterflies or for pairing giant silkmoths. The cage frame is spring steel enables the breeder to erect or dismantle the cage in a simple twist operation taking just seconds. Erected the length is 110cm by 55 x 55. Folded, the cage reduces to a flat circle only 35cm diameter!

 The cage can be stood on end to hold tall pot plants or take a tall branch of foodplant stood in water

 The base is made of waterproof vinyl. Access is via the front oval double zipped panel. A revolutionary design and a lot of space for your money!