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Giant Atlas Moth Attacus atlas 15 eggs.
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Giant Atlas Moth Attacus atlas 


Eggs may be sent from another country, so please allow time for delivery.


One of the largest of all moth species in the world!  The larvae feed well on Privet, at any time of the year.  They require very clean conditions, always with fresh food. Alternative recorded foodplants include Willows, Lilac, Apple, Plum, Ash, Cherry and Tree of Heaven Ailanthus.  Atlas larvae like to browse on several foodplants and settle for the one or more that they like.


The larvae like warmth 25 -30 degrees C and humid jungle conditions, which are best achieved in a tank or plastic container, rather than a netting cage. Given these conditions the larvae are not difficult to rear, and spin cocoons in about 8 weeks from hatching.






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