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The Goodden GEMLIGHT SUPER is a leap forward in technology, greatly advanced on its predecessor the Goodden GemLight. The new light is more powerful, and has three different emitters, Blue, Green and Ultraviolet, all the most attractive to insects. The combination is a greater attractant than UV alone. No batteries to charge and replace: simply plug into a powerbank.

The GemLight Super enables serious moth trapping in remote areas without weighty batteries, cables, a generator or mains supply.



The GemLight Super uses specially produced LED emitters that are more powerful and effective than any other battery light. These are no ordinary LEDs. The Ultraviolet emitter is the final choice from many which have been evaluated and tested over several years. The GemLight Super is the result of years of research and investment. Tested both in the tropics and temperate regions. This is not a replacement for powerful Mercury Vapour (MV) but in off-peak seasons it has on occasions outperformed MV. 

Because the GemLight Super weighs so little, the Moonlander can be suspended from a branch. This is a useful method when the ground is uneven, is a steep slope, or when bad weather threatens. The GemLight Super can also be used on a sheet and might be adapted to suit other trap designs

For best results don't use where other lights can interfere. Many back gardens are under street lighting: this light is designed for use in remote places. It is important to follow the recommendations for the siting of the Moonlander and GemLight Super, away from moonlight, not in the open, but under the cover of trees or hedgerows. This is where moths fly, more protected from predators than in open fields or spacious lawns. The GemLight Super can be more easily sited for best results in remote areas than a mains light.

SAFE!  No need to worry about cable joints getting wet - no risk of electric shock - no bulbs shattered in the rain – none of the disadvantages of a generator., 

Daylight sensor. Set the trap when it suits you before dusk. You can go off for supper or a meeting, knowing that the light will put itself on at dusk, when the moths first fly. At dawn the light goes off, saving power and allowing the moths to settle. Very convenient and practical.

If there are moths in the area, this light is exceptionally effective and portable. In some places moths are less plentiful than they once were but in Europe and the tropics the results have been astonishing, and better than even powerful actinic lights. Catches of up to 400 moths a night have been made in the tropics. In Britain the GemLight has been known to out-perform MV in non peak months, and has usually attracted larger catches than conventional portable fluorescent lights.  

With the QUICK GUIDE there is a QR code and link to the GemLight Super website where you not only register for Warranty, but you can access the answers to Frequently Asked Questions. For those familiar with computing, settings can be changed. Plug into a computer and follow the optional advanced instructions.

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The Goodden GemLight Super can be used without these additional facilities if you don't require them: just plug into the power bank and set the trap.

UV and bright lights can damage your eyes. The emitters are bright. The GemLight is microprocessor controlled and has important features for safety and convenience. The unit can be switched on and placed in the trap in daylight. The emitters come on only when it is dark. A flashing indicator light gives warning before darkness is about to switch on. Never look directly into the emitters. The UV emitter may not look very bright, as most of its radiation is outside the visible spectrum, but can still cause damage if viewed directly.  Use of UV safety glasses is good practice.

The light unit is designed to be showerproof.  The power pack should be protected in a plastic bag, and likewise it would be a precaution to protect the GemLight Super.

The Goodden GemLight Super is revolutionary. You will not want to use any other portable light once you have tried it!