WINTER PUPAE for breeding in the following season

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Japanese Owl Moth Brahmaea japonica 4 pupae
Availability: Late summer 2017

Japanese Owl Moth Brahmaea wallichii japonica


Not easily obtained now!


This species is one of the best and earliest in the season, suitable for beginners as well as connoisseurs.  Eggs are laid in March/April. The larvae, which feed on Privet Ligustrum, have long curling spines behind the head, which get longer with each skin change. At the final change the spines are dropped and the caterpillar becomes very large.


When ready to pupate the mature larva has a broad orange band down the back. It wanders off in search of a secret place to pupate. Prepare for this by putting a layer of compost in the bottom of the cage at the final instar. Place a large tile, flat stone or slate on top of the compost. The larvae will pupate in a cavity between the compost and the flat stone.


Leave the pupae to harden and store them cool until January/February. At this time, lay them out in the emerging cage, on compost. Moths sometimes emerge as early as January but usually a few weeks later. They pair relatively easily and you can then continue the life cycle.



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