Important: Please follow guidance under Plastic Rearing Containers for keeping young larvae in a more confined space (or sleeved on growing foodplant) until they are large enough to be caged. Baby caterpillars placed in a cage will immediately wander from their food and starve.


Please see also the SLEEVE section. A very natural and successful rearing method for larvae, and less cost than cages.


Flat-pack Cage Three sizes of wooden frame cages with netting panels, sent flat-packed and easily assembled.

Magicage - folding 30 cm Clever design with packs flat and stands without supports.

Very Large Spring-Frame cage, a real giant, that packs down to a tiny flat circle.

Clear sided Cylinder Cage Ideal for Stick Insects, Mantids and larvae such as ATLAS that need warm, moist conditions.

Sleeves Can be used indoors, on potted plants, or cut foodplant or outside on growing plants and trees. They protect the larvae and prevent escape. A very economical and labour-saving rearing method, that often gives fresher and more natural conditions for larvae. 

Pyjama Cage A new concept - excellent all-round vision - packs flat - and when the cover gets dirty or damaged, slip it off and pop it in the wash to have an almost new cage again. THREE SIZES illustrated above for size comparison MINI, STANDARD and LARGE.

This cage design suits all uses - breeding  butterflies and moths, rearing larvae, emerging pupae, keeping Stick Insects and other creatures.

This type of cage is very suitable for laying out pupae to emerge. It is also more suitable for smaller numbers of larvae or younger larvae. Baby larvae should be first reared in plastic rearing containers or kept covered on growing food. According to size you can use these cages for pots of plant, net covered when you want to avoid straying, or cut foodplant in water. The larger cages have enormous capacity.

A pre-formed frame is supported by corner uprights which join the frame to the cage base. No messing with components to make the top frame. The base of the cage is finished in smooth white paint, which can easily be washed or periodically re-painted in minutes. The supports come ready fitted with fixing nuts and washers.  Quickly assembled.  A zip gives easy cage access. Escape is less likely than with conventional cage doors.

Pactical design enabling the breeder to wash, repair or replace the netting cover in minutes. Removing eggs laid in awkward places is so easy when you can slip the cover off and replace it with a fresh one - just like changing pyjamas! Keep spare covers so you can have one on and one in the wash! For winter storage, or for travel, the cage quickly packs flat. Thorough cleaning and disinfecting is so much easier than with a fixed frame cage.

Pyjama cages show a substantial price saving too.

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TRAVEL CAGE 26cm diameter 20cm high.

TRAVEL CAGE 26cm diameter 20cm high.

This cage is quite an innovation. It has been designed for convenience when travelling. It folds absolutely flat. Access is by a smiley zip in the side. In the base is another zip which allows the cage to be stood on a pot of growing foodplant, or a jar of cut food and flowers. The cage has two supports so it can be stood, but it can also be hung and used as a pairing cage. The design has evolved from needs when travelling and gathering all sorts of species to breed. Half a dozen cages occupy very little space, but they give amazing facility as a cage for pupae emerging, keeping larvae, pairing, egg-laying, butterflies or moths, Stick Insects and other creatures. The Travel Cage is very versatile!


Pyjama Cage Standard  40 x 30 cm  height 50

Pyjama Cage Standard  40 x 30 cm  height 50

Probably the most useful size as a general purpose cage. Suitable for breeding butterflies and moths, laying out pupae to emerge, keeping larvae that are large enough to cage, also for Stick insects and other creatures. Occupies little space. Can be stacked if required. This size is much lower in price and larger than the Flat-pack Wooden Framed Cage range, and much less costly to send.




Pyjama Cage LARGE 60 x 40 cm changeable height


Pyjama Cage LARGE 60 x 40 cm changeable height



This large cage is ideal for breeding larger butterflies and moths, keeping larvae of the Giant Silkmoths and Hawkmoths, or for larger numbers. It is slightly larger than the former Large (which was 50 x 38cms). It is ideal for keeping other insects such as Phasmids. With this cage you get a lot for your money!

The cage comes with both high and low supports (60 cm and 40 cm) so its height can be selected according to your choice, both initially and at any time in the future, to suit your changing requirements. The cover is designed to be used for either height. An additional base is included as a spare. At any time, if the base has become marked with use, the spare can be used to make the cage as new again. The original base can be cleaned and re-painted ready for the next time needed. Your used cage can be made like new for very little effort, and no cost.

You get almost two very large cages for the price of one. This cage is less than twice the price of the Standard PJ Cage but more than twice the volume, and it has the versatility to use it as a high or low cage. STORES FLAT when not needed out of season.





£49.50 £41.95
Availability: NOW

High quality wooden-framed cage, covered with strong black netting.

Packed flat for easy postage and quick assembly. We will notify you if there is any surcharge for delivery outside Britain or to outlying regions.


The Standard Cage is exactly as used for our own breeding. Perfect for larvae and stick insects, hatching butterflies and moths, breeding and egg-laying.  The Extra Deep Cage is for use with large moths, caterpillars or greater numbers: the extra size makes all the difference. The taller dimension on the Tall Cage is good for larger species of Stick Insect and for taller plants. Compare prices with the Pyjama Cage range which not only save on cost and carriage but they allow instant change of netting when it gets soiled or damaged.



Standard Cage 16 x 9 x 17"  40 x 23 x 43 cm  £37.95 delayed delivery at present not in stock


Extra Deep Cage 16 x 14 x 17"   40 x 36 x 43 cm  £42.95 


Tall Cage 24" high x 18 x 12"   60 x 45 x 30 cm   £41.95 

Small Tall Cage 20" high x 12" x 12"   50 x 30 x 30 cm  £36.95 


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Hanging Cage

Hanging Cage


The Hanging Cage is particularly suitable for pairing Hawkmoths and Silkmoths. They are also suitable for breeding some butterfly species, by providing nectar plants and foodplant to lay on.  The cage is normally suspended. When not in use, the cage stores perfectly flat, using almost no space.


LARGE Approx 40cm diameter, 45 cm high. Suits larger moths.


SMALL Approx 26cm diameter, 35cm high. Takes up less space. Much cheaper to post!


Handmade with quality materials for lasting service.





Very Large Spring-frame Breeding Cage
Availability: October/November

Very Large Spring-frame Breeding Cage


These come from a Chinese manufacturer. They were scheduled for July but have been delayed. We are told to expect them in October, but we must also be prepared for later delivery because they come by sea. Many apologies for the delay.


This cage provides substantial flight area for butterflies or for pairing giant silkmoths. The cage frame is spring steel enables the breeder to erect or dismantle the cage in a simple twist operation taking just seconds. Erected the length is 110cm by 55 x 55. Folded, the cage reduces to a flat circle only 35cm diameter!


The cage can be stood on end to hold tall pot plants or take a tall branch of foodplant stood in water


The base is made of waterproof vinyl. Access is via the front oval double zipped panel. A revolutionary design and a lot of space for your money!



Availability: NOW

Mini Cylinder Cage


Useful for species which require humidity. Ideal for mantids, stick insects and for special larvae in smaller quantities. Excellent visibility. 13cm diameter, 25cm high.