Worldwide Butterflies has been supplying butterflies and moths for half a century. There is a range of species available as livestock. Schools can see Recommended School Species.

Butterflies and moths are supplied for historic, scientific and identification collections, medical research, for photography and conservation, and even just for their incredible beauty and natural history interest.

Schools and educational establishments are prominent in Worldwide Butterflies’ list of customers. A number people started by buying from Worldwide Butterflies, and have gone on to become professional in Entomology and Natural History in a number of ways. In fact in fact this has now continued in subsequent generations. To read about Worldwide Butterflies from the earliest days please see History.

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LIVING BUTTERFLIES and MOTHS. For film shoots, weddings and other events we are sometimes asked for butterflies to release. Foreign species cannot be used for this and we don't supply living adults. You can buy pupae but not to a specific date, so you need to organise the synchronisation of emergence for the particular requirement.





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Please remember also that in summer eggs and larvae cannot be posted to warm countries, particularly southern Europe.

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Historic specimens and Aberrations are now on the WWB website Click here to see set specimens of Coppers

The cost of postage and packing was not only reduced last season but is not increased with the new, higher postal rates.  New packaging is being used, that reduces weight and size, so the charge for posting livestock in the UK and overseas was reduced by about 25% and continues to be held down this year.



The WWB website offers classic species such as the English and European Swallowtails, Atlas Moth, Deathshead atropos and Oleander Hawkmoths nerii, Purple Emperor iris, Spanish Moon Moth isabellae and many more. Availability of some of these has already started. They are popular, so the earlier you book, the higher on the list your order will be.

OLEANDER HAWKMOTH PUPAE, hardly ever available, are being bred now and will be available in limited numbers in mid-late December.

DEATHSHEAD HAWKMOTH atropos PUPAE can be ordered NOW for delivery in December. Rarely can we offer these. Don't miss out!


MADAGASCAN MOON MOTH mittrei have arrived and they are very fine. Both the giant cocoons, and eggs which are suitable for winter rearing, if you can provide warmth. Also from Madagascar Antherina suraka, The Madagascan Emperor Moth. Pairing is amazingly easy. The larvae are more varied in their pattern and colouring than any other species we know. You can breed them in winter or summer. Highly recommended! 

A COMPLETELY NEW SATURNIID TO THE WWB LISTS! See Agapema homogena, a rarity from Arizona that breeds well in captivity on interestingly different kinds of foodplant! A chance to experience something REALLY NEW. Eggs due in early summer.

GIANT ATLAS MOTH COCOONS - new supplies just arrived! This species is becoming difficult to obtain but we have a good stock right now, and PRICES ARE REDUCED!

Giant Atlas Moth eggs are available immediaely. Feed on Privet. Keep them warm and moist and the larvae will grow fast.

There are new offers shown in the featured items - some very unusual indeed! See Luedorfia puziloi from Far East Russia - extraordinary pupae like rat droppings, that produce a wonderful and delicate Papilio! The largest of all the European Blues Iolana iolas - a real rarity. Papilio antenor, found only on the island of Madagascar, one of the largest Swallowtails in the world. The pupa looks like a miniature Birdwing and is many times the size of other Swallowtail pupae. You can experience this amazing species, hatching in your emerging cage.

European Swallowtail machaon gorganus pupae - some of the finest we have ever seen, from our breeder in Sweden. This species is usually very difficult to obtain. It is one of Europe's largest and most beautiful butterflies, with a most spectacular caterpillar. Easily reared on Carrot tops, Fennel and Parsnip (wild and cultivated).

African Moon Moth Argema mimosae cocoons are in stock now. We get them only once a year. Magnificent moths that pair relatively easily. Larvae feed on Eucalyptus. Highly recommended.

Catocala eggs, the Underwing Moths, have arrived. Store the eggs in the fridge until mid-April, then incubate and sleeve the larvae on growing foodplant. Supplies are limited, so please don't delay ordering.

SLEEVES The two largest sizes are now available with a long ZIP opening, in addition to the open ends. Very much better for tending the larvae, and for checking. The times one finds a caterpillar on one's clothing after carefully fastening both ends of the sleeve, only to have to undo it again!  The ZIP gives instant access! See also the new VELCRO Strip for sleeve closures. All helping to save time and adding to convenience!

THERE ARE STILL GOOD SPECIES AVAILABLE out of season:  Eggs of the Eri Silkmoth ricini are available now. The larvae feed on Privet and there is no dormant period. You can also order larvae of Painted Lady cardui.

PYJAMA CAGES are designed for the practical breeder who needs to be able to clean and renovate cages thoroughly and rapidly. They are proof against most parasites and the most escape-proof, for active larvae, of any design we have used. Eggs laid on the sides of the cage are dealt collected or sleeved with the minimum of time and effort. Pyjama cages are easily stored flat for the winter and quickly re-assembled in spring.

A new size of plastic rearing container has just been introduced. The Size 8 comes in packs of 6. It is deeper than the flat Size 7, which allows more space for larvae and foodplant, without being so large that larvae stray off the food. This is very important when establishing young larvae. Buy a pack, and we think you will want to have some more!

The POP-UP CAGE is back!  See the CAGE Section.

North American cocoons are available now! Please see Current Pupae.  Bulls Eye Moth Automeris io, Cherry Moth Callosamia promethea, American Moon Moth luna, American Oak Silkmoth polyphemus.

SEE the MARKET STALL section for special offers and some big savings (Click on the menu top left of the screen). Watch this section for further offers. Other reductions include cages, the Lepidopterist's Rearing Outfit and the Mini Silk Farm, ALL AT SPECIAL PRICES!

DVD: Astonishing Butterflies and Moths. Click on to the featured item on the home page to read about this very inspiring DVD which shows the lives of a wide variety of butterflies and moths. A perfect gift for yourself or another enthusiast who will really enjoy the action, colour and wonderment of butterflies and moths. Many of the Star Performers were provided by Worldwide Butterflies!

LEPIDOPTERIST'S REARING OUTFIT - See Outfits and Gift Suggestions.

Moonlander Moth Trap and Goodden GemLight. For some time there has been a limit on availability of the Moonlander and GemLight. We have now prepared good stocks for the season.

Click to see

and the Goodden GemLight. A completely new kind of moth light. Click here



BEGINNER? If you have not reared butterflies and moths before, please take note of the foodplants your larvae will need. To know how to keep caterpillars, hatch out pupae and care for your livestock we recommend the handbook The All Colour Paperback BUTTERFLIES which is on the Schools Page and in the Book Section. It is packed with information and will help you a great deal.



If you are a beginner and need information on rearing from small caterpillars, or hatching out pupae, please order the book shown above. INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT SENT WITH EACH SPECIES, you need to acquire basic skills and this book is a simple way to learn them.

LIVESTOCK ON OUR WEBSITE  is very wide-ranging. Please scroll down the different sections. There are some very interesting species for the connoisseur and for the beginner.


ON YOUR ACCOUNT please enter dates when you cannot receive livestock. Letting us know by any other means will not apply the dates to the system and will not prevent dispatch of orders when you cannot receive them.



We will email you: just go to My Account and click to receive these.


Newly hatched or small larvae are too small to be put into a cage or aquarium. If you can put them on growing foodplant, protected with a sleeve, that is ideal. Alternatively keep in a plastic box, lined with absorbent paper, in close confinement with fresh foodplant, and changed daily. Fuller hints on the page for Plastic Rearing Containers. For illustrated instructios see the All Colour Paperback BUTTERFLIES.






Worldwide Butterflies - over 50 years of supplying butterflies, moths, livestock, and entomological equipment

Dictyoploca (Caligula) japonica   15 eggs
Young larvae are black, later covered with white silky hair, with prominent sapphire blue spiracles down the sides.
Availability: NOW
Rhodinia jankowskyi 15 eggs
An extreme rarity related to the Squeaking Silkmoth. Very few breeders have tried this rarity.
Availability: NOW
Boisduval's Silkmoth Caligula boisduvali 15 eggs
Very beautiful larvae, that change colour with each skin change. Hard to obtain.
Availability: NOW
Spurge Hawk H euphorbiae 4 pupae
Extra fine pupae of this scarce migrant Hawkmoth.
Availability: NOW
Antherina suraka Madagascar cocoons
An amazing silkmoth. Cocoons can be stored cool or incubated. Pairing extra easy. Larvae feed on Privet. MOST varied - see pictures!
Availability: NOW
Antheraea yamamai 15 overwintering Eggs
Large and robust. Females often vivid yellow like a good Tussore. The larvae grow large, they have green head capsules and spin bright green cocoons!
Availability: NOW
Eri Silkmoth Philosamia cynthia ricini 15 eggs or 10 larvae
Continuously brooded and available NOW. Larvae feed on Privet and Ricinus.
Availability: NOW
Deathshead Hawk atropos pupae
We seldom get Deathshead pupae. Please order early as supplies are limited.
Availability: December
Oleander Hawk nerii pupae
Pupae hardly ever available. Please order immediately to be high on the list.
Availability: Late December
Madagascan Moon Moth mittrei 10 eggs
Larvae do well in winter at about 20 degrees, feeding on Eucalyptus.
Availability: NOW
Epiphora mythimnia 15 eggs or 10 larvae
Very seldom available. Few breeders have tried this species.
Availability: NOW
Papilio antenor Madagascar 2 pupae
One of the largest Swallowtails in the world. Pupae like miniature Birdwing chrysalis.
Availability: December
Giant Atlas Moth Attacus atlas 15 eggs
Eggs ready immediately. Rear on Privet in warmth and humidity.
Availability: NOW
Eastern Eyed Hawkmoth Smerinthus planus pupae
Extra bright and colourful eye-spots. Close relative of our Eyed Hawk. Absent from our lists for many years.
Availability: NOW
Agapema homogena from Arizona 15 eggs or 10 larvae
An extremely scarce N. American Saturniid. First time offered!
Availability: June/July
Iolana iolas The Bladder Senna Blue pupae
Europe's largest of the Blues. Found on mountains where its unique foodplant grows.
Availability: NOW
Scarce Swallowtail podalirius 3 pupae
One of the most graceful butterflies. A very grand European Swallowtail.
Availability: NOW
Squeaking Silkmoth Rhodinia fugax diana 15 eggs
Very unusual larvae which squeak when older! A real favourite.
Availability: NOW
Russian Moon Moth Actias sjoeqvisti 4 cocoons
An interesting Moon Moth from Far East Russia. Breeds easily.
Availability: November
Oak Silkmoth polyphemus  cocoons
Moths have the most wonderful hindwing eye-spots. Larvae, green with mercury spangles and orange tubercles, thrive sleeved out or indoors.
Availability: NOW
Giant Atlas Moth Attacus atlas cocoons
About the largest moth in the world. Can be hatched winter or summer. Very rewarding and impressive. A fine stock of cocoons has just arrived. Lower prices!
Availability: NOW
Oleander Hawk nerii 15 eggs
Fresh wild stock. Easily reared on Privet or Periwinkle. Fast growing. Amazing larvae!
Availability: Spring
Chinese Oak Silkmoth A pernyi  Cocoons
Probably the easiest of all Silkmoths to breed. Larvae change colour, and become huge. Impressive and large moths.
Availability: NOW
OSIER A wonderful foodplant. Ten cuttings
Planting time for this fast-growing foodplant favoured by many European and exotic larvae.
Availability: NOW
Spanish Moon Moth isabellae Pupae
Europe's most beautiful Silkmoth. Moths breed in May. Larvae feed on Pine.
Availability: NOW
CEBALLOSI subspecies of Graellsia isabellae Pupae
Scarce subspecies, recent discovery. Sent to you direct from our breeder in Spain.
Availability: NOW
Columbian Silkmoth H. columbia 15 eggs or 10 larvae according to availability
Rarely offered. Restricted to small areas of North America. Not difficult to breed.
Availability: Spring/summer 2016
Madagascan Moon Moth mittrei  giant cocoons
The largest Moon Moth. Absolute giants found only on Madagascar. Cocoons are in transit to us NOW.
Availability: NOW
Aglia tau MELANIA 1 female and 3 male pupae
A rare melanic form of the Tau Emperor. Males are often intense black. Females quite varied. Emergence early spring. Easy to breed.
Availability: NOW
HYBRID cocoons of Giant Peacock moth with Emperor Moth PYRI x PAVONIA
A very rare hybrid. Curiosity not just for collections but a wonderful subject for taking rare photographs.
Availability: NOW
American Moon Moth Actias luna Cocoons
Cocoons immediately available. Easily bred in spring. Very attractive in all stages.
Availability: NOW
European Swallowtail machaon gorganus pupae
Extra fine pupae of one of Europe's largest and most attractive butterflies. The larvae feed on Carrot tops and Fennel.
Availability: NOW
TRAVEL CAGE 26cm diameter 20cm high.
A new cage design for when you are on the move and need every facility in almost no space!
Availability: NOW
Luedorfia puziloi (Papilionidae) 3 pupae from far East Russia
A Far Eastern gem - first time offered for 40 years! Very curious pupae. A great photographic opportunity!
Availability: NOW
African Moon Moth Argema mimosae 4 Cocoons
One of the finest Moon Moths and not difficult to breed. Larvae thrive on Eucalyptus gunnii.
Availability: NOW
Clifden Nonpareil (Blue Underwing) Catocala fraxini 15 Eggs
The largest Catocala, with impressive blue banded black hindwings. Eggs hatch in May.
Availability: NOW
Dark Crimson Underwing Catocala sponsa 10 eggs
Much sought species and now rare. Hindwings are a deep carmine. Oak feeder.
Availability: NOW
Rosy Underwing Catocala electa 15 eggs
A European Underwing, interesting to rear in comparison with our Red Underwing.
Availability: NOW
Painted Lady cardui 10 larvae
Feed larvae on Thistle or Nettle. Adults can be released to breed in the wild.
Availability: Spring
Painted Lady cardui  5 larvae in Pot on Diet
Larvae on diet in pots. Convenient and requires less daily attention.
Availability: From 8 Dec 2015
Japanese Owl Moth Brahmaea japonica 4 pupae
Limited number of pupae available immediately.
Availability: NOW
The two largest sleeve sizes are now available with a very useful long ZIP opening. Quicker for checking and changing. See also new VELCRO sleeve closures.
Availability: NOW
Marbled White galathea 20 larvae
This is the time to buy larvae. Females scatter their eggs among grasses. Keep the larvae on potted grass sleeved for protection.
Availability: NOW
Peruvian Black Beauty Stick Insect Peruphasma schultei 10 nymphs
Extraordinary insects, found only in one small area in the world. Easy to keep
Availability: NOW
The Goodden GemLight
The world's most compact moth light. Powerful and lasts all night.
Availability: NOW
Plastic Box Size 8 Medium. Pack of Six
An excellent new size for rearing larvae. Pack of six.
Availability: NOW
Small Ranunculus Hecatera dysodea TEN pupae
Ten pupae at only £1 each to clear! An extreme rarity, not seen in many collections. Larvae feed on Wild or Garden lettuce. Get some established locally!
Availability: NOW
Plastic Box Size 6 Extra Large. Pack of 2
Large clear plastic rearing container. Recommended for larger larvae or large numbers of smaller ones.
Availability: NOW
Papilio rumanzovia Philippines 4 pupae
Very exotic and large Citrus-feeding Swallowtail. Flies beautifully.
Availability: December
Large Cube Cage (50cm cube)
Large capacity cage for breeding moths, keeping butterflies on flowers, rearing large caterpillars and more. Very low price for such a large cage!
Availability: NOW
EASY COCKROACH MIX (introductory offer 15 for the price of 10)
Easy pets to keep if set up with warmth.
Availability: NOW
Cherry Moth promethea 4 cocoons
Male and female totally dissimilar. Beautiful larvae, gregarious at first, become white and waxy, with coloured tubercles.
Availability: NOW
Pyjama Mini Cage 22 x 29 x 25cm high
The MINI PJ cage has now grown about a third and is better proportioned. Price held.
Availability: NOW
Pyjama Cage LARGE 60 x 40 cm changeable height
Revolutionary design. Lots of space. Easy to maintain. Choose between low or high and change at will. Temporary SPECIAL PRICE!
Availability: NOW
New to the WWB website. High quality forceps for use in larvae rearing - at a very low price
Availability: NOW
NETTING Fine Black Nylon 10 metres
Worldwide Butterflies netting price is very low. Now there is a SPECIAL PROMOTION PRICE on 10 metres!
Availability: NOW
£31.95 £22.95
PROMOTION PRICE on collections of Six Different Silkworm Varieties
Availability: Winter
£53.70 £29.00
Artificial Mulberry Diet for 20 Silkworms
Special Promotion Price. Substitute food for silkworms when mulberry difficult to find.
Availability: NOW
Outfit to rear silkworms from egg to cocoon, complete with diet, and equipment to reel the silk - some 3 miles from each cocoon!
Availability: NOW
£59.50 £39.50
Lepidopterist's Rearing Outfit
Introductory outfit for starting to rear butterflies and moths.
Availability: NOW
£59.50 £43.95
Silkmoth Rearer's Handbook SPECIAL PRICE
Was out of print. More copies have become available. After this no more!
Availability: NOW
£11.25 £11.25
Astonishing Butterflies and Moths DVD
DVD showing a fascinating and colourful insight into the lives and diversity of both temperate and tropical butterflies and moths.
Availability: NOW
Willowherb Hawkmoth Proserpinus proserpina Pupae
A beautiful species like a green Hummingbird Hawk. Breeds on Willowherb. Scarce.
Availability: NOW
SILKWORM EGGS Bombyx mori  ROSA variety
Beautiful pink/orange cocoons spun by this beautiful Chinese variety. See also the other races on the same page.
Availability: NOW
Papilio demodocus 4 pupae
Very striking butterflies - easy to breed in a greenhouse
Availability: December
Idea leuconoe Philippines 5 pupae
With papery wings leuconoe difts through the jungle!
Availability: December
Morpho peleides pupae
Magnificent, iridescent blue, and very large! You can have these emerge at home!
Availability: December


 Livestock orders not able to be supplied are carried over for priority supply the next season. Please inform us if you wish to cancel and be credited or refunded.

Livestock sent to UK addresses will be replaced or credited if it arrives dead and is reported within 2 days. Not if it dies subsequently or is reported later.  Overseas orders are sent only at the buyer's risk.

Please note that all prices are subject to 20% VAT (except books and orders from non-EU countries), and carriage charges, which will be added to your order at the checkout.

Livestock sent outside the UK, whilst we do our best to see that it arrives safely, is sent at the BUYER'S RISK. Livestock to Mediterranean countries is often subject to delay and hot climate. Please do not order eggs/larvae, nor pupae that are not dormant, to be sent where it is hot.  Livestock sent to USA need USDA permits. We cannot send to AUS or NZ, unless government authorised.


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