Worldwide Butterflies has been supplying butterflies and moths for half a century. There is a range of species available as livestock. Schools can see Recommended School Species.

Butterflies and moths are supplied for historic, scientific and identification collections, medical research, for photography and conservation, and even just for their incredible beauty and natural history interest.

Schools and educational establishments are prominent in Worldwide Butterflies’ list of customers. A number people started by buying from Worldwide Butterflies, and have gone on to become professional in Entomology and Natural History in a number of ways. In fact in fact this has now continued in subsequent generations. To read about Worldwide Butterflies from the earliest days please see History.

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LIVING BUTTERFLIES and MOTHS. For film shoots, weddings and other events we are sometimes asked for butterflies to release. Foreign species cannot be used for this and we don't supply living adults. You can buy pupae but not to a specific date, so you need to organise the synchronisation of emergence for the particular requirement.



Historic specimens and Aberrations are now on the WWB website Click here to see set specimens of Coppers

The cost of postage and packing was not only reduced last season but is not increased with the new, higher postal rates.  New packaging is being used, that reduces weight and size, so the charge for posting livestock in the UK and overseas was reduced by about 25% and continues to be held down this year.





Summer is still in full swing and there are

lots of species available.


The Iolas Blue is the largest of all the Blues in Europe. In over half a century WWB has never had pupae before. The pupae can be stored cool for the winter, to hatch in the spring. This is a very rare occasion and one not to be missed! 

See also pupae of the Rosy Underwing Catocala electa. Seldom offered. Pupae to hatch this season are immediately available.


DUOs and TRIOs. New this month SELECT YOUR OWN SPECIES and get them at near half the normal price! See Current Eggs and Larvae on the WWB website.

SILKMOTHS ARE BEING VERY PRODUCTIVE! Very generous reductions are available on eggs of Bullseye Moth Automeris io, Indian Moon Moth selene, Robin Moth cecropia, and American Tree of Heaven Silkmoth advena, Chinese Oak Silkmoth pernyi, European Tree of Heaven Silkmoth cynthia, Cherry Moth promethea and Antherina suraka from Madagascar (an amazing species). Don't miss these offers, shown in Current Eggs/Larvae and on the MARKET STALL.

A REAL FAVOURITE The Indian Moon Moth selene is breeding now. The young caterpillars change colour at each stage. Very easy to rear. They become the most magnificent caterpillars of spectacular size, beautifully shaped and coloured. Eggs are ready immediately.

SEE the MARKET STALL section for special offers and some big savings (Click on the menu top left of the screen). Watch this section for further offers. Other reductions include cages, the Lepidopterist's Rearing Outfit and the Mini Silk Farm, ALL AT SPECIAL PRICES!

Marbled White galathea larvae can be scattered in suitable meadows where you wish to establish them in the wild. It won't always work, but is a very good way of starting. In captivity, keep on potted coarse grasses, totally enclosed by netting, and kept outside. A north moorland species The Large Heath tullia can also be ordered and kept likewise on potted grasses.

High Brown Fritillary adippe. Eggs are available for the first time for some years. Also larvae of the Dark Green Fritillary aglaia. Both feed on potted violet and can be hibernated under the protection of a netting sleeve. Please make sure that any bought plants are insecticide free! Larvae will also be available of the

Black Hairstreak pruni, an extreme rarity in Britain, can be ordered as eggs for delivery from August onwards. Later in autumn there will be eggs of the Brown Hairstreak betulae. 

SWALLOWTAILS: This is a good season for Swallowtails. European gorganus eggs/larvae are immediately available. English Swallowtail britannicus  booked orders have been supplied. We are taking further orders for delivery this summer. North American Black Swallowtail Papilio polyxenes asterias  will be available this summer. 

Butterfly eggs and larvae that can be ordered NOW: Small Tortoiseshell urticae, Queen of Spain Fritillary lathonia, Painted Lady cardui, Peacock Inachis io, Comma Butterfly c-album, Clouded Yellow crocea both larvae and pupae. Supplies are getting low, so please order soon.

WONDERFUL MOTHS Eggs immediately available. Antherina suraka from Madagascar (see pictures), Indian Moon Moth selene, Bullseye Moth Automeris io, European Tree of Heaven Silkmoth cynthia, Chinese Oak Silkmoth pernyi, American Moon Moth luna, Robin Moth cecropia, American Tree of Heaven Silkmoth advena, Cherry Moth promethea, Hawkmoths Deathshead atropos and Oleander Hawk nerii, Poplar Hawk populi and Eyed Hawk ocellata.


COCOONS immediately available: A number of species have recently been added. Some at special prices. Please see Current Pupae, as well as the Market Stall. Eucalyptus Silkmoth from NZ, African Moon Moth mimosae, Nudaurelia zambezina, European Tree of Heaven Moth cynthia, American Oak Silkmoth polyphemus, Chinese Oak Silkmoth pernyi, Calleta silkmoth Eupakardia calleta, Cherry Moth promethea, American Moon Moth luna, Bulls Eye Moth Automeris io, Great American Poplar Hawk Marumba modesta, Oak Hawkmoth quercus (amazing camouflage).


The Pyjama Cage Mini is currently at a special summer price, and there are big reductions on multiples of two and five.

THERE IS A NEW PYJAMA CAGE. The Large size, with options for High and Low, now comes with a rather larger base and you get supports and cover that allow you to have the cage at which ever of the two heights suits your purpose. You can change the height when ever you wish. The new cage comes with two bases, so, when the base gets dirty, you can change to a clean one. Renovate the old, and keep for the next time you want a clean new base.  You get a lot of space for less money with the Pyjama Cage!

MOONLANDER MOTH TRAP with the Goodden GemLight has been in short supply due to a shortage of electronic components for the GemLight. But we now have them available immediately.

SATURNIID SPECIALISTS will appreciate Eupakardia calleta. An unusual black Silkmoth from N. America, marked with scarlet, and patterned with triangular windows. Moths are emerging now.  Another for the Silkmoth enthusiast is The Asian Moon Moth Actias artemis. Eggs available NOW: not often obtainable.

SILKWORM EGGS Several different races with coloured cocoons or differently patterned larvae. New supplies for this season immediately available. ARTIFICIAL MULBERRY DIET now available for those who cannot get Mulberry. See the Silkworm Egg section.

DVD: Astonishing Butterflies and Moths. Click on to the featured item on the home page to read about this very inspiring DVD which shows the lives of a wide variety of butterflies and moths. A perfect gift for yourself or another enthusiast who will really enjoy the action, colour and wonderment of butterflies and moths. Many of the Star Performers were provided by Worldwide Butterflies!


SOLAR POWER is now becoming a viable means of helping the environment and saving on electricity bills. See the new section on the WWB website.


LEPIDOPTERIST'S REARING OUTFIT - See Outfits and Gift Suggestions.


Click to see

and the Goodden GemLight. A completely new kind of moth light. Click here



BEGINNER? If you have not reared butterflies and moths before, please take note of the foodplants your larvae will need. To know how to keep caterpillars, hatch out pupae and care for your livestock we recommend the handbook The All Colour Paperback BUTTERFLIES which is on the Schools Page and in the Book Section. It is packed with information and will help you a great deal.



If you are a beginner and need information on rearing from small caterpillars, or hatching out pupae, please order the book shown above. INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT SENT WITH EACH SPECIES, you need to acquire basic skills and this book is a simple way to learn them.

LIVESTOCK ON OUR WEBSITE  is very wide-ranging. Please scroll down the different sections. There are some very interesting species for the connoisseur and for the beginner.


ON YOUR ACCOUNT please enter dates when you cannot receive livestock. Letting us know by any other means will not apply the dates to the system and will not prevent dispatch of orders when you cannot receive them.



We will email you: just go to My Account and click to receive these.


Newly hatched or small larvae are too small to be put into a cage or aquarium. If you can put them on growing foodplant, protected with a sleeve, that is ideal. Alternatively keep in a plastic box , lined with absorbent paper, in close confinement with fresh foodplant, and changed daily. For details see the All Colour Paperback BUTTERFLIES.






Worldwide Butterflies - over 50 years of supplying butterflies, moths, livestock, and entomological equipment

Mexican Horned Devil Citheronia splendens 15 eggs or 10 larvae
Never offered before by WWB. Interestingly different from regalis. Equally spectacular. A species for the connoisseur.
Availability: NOW
Tiger Swallowtail glaucus 10 larvae
Magnificent and large Swallowtail. Larvae produce pupae this autumn, to overwinter for next year.
Availability: NOW
Edwards Atlas Attacus edwardsii 15 eggs
It is exceptionally difficult to obtain edwardsii. Supplies limited. Eggs available immediately.
Availability: NOW
Eyed Hawk ocellata 15 eggs/10 larvae
Larvae wonderfully camouflaged. Easy to rear on Apple, Willows, Poplars and more.
Availability: NOW
Oak Eggar Moth Lasiocampa quercus 15 eggs
Our largest Eggar moth. Easily reared and hibernated in a sleeve.
Availability: NOW
Bullseye Moth Automeris io eggs/larvae
Attractive gregarious larvae, very easy. Prickly spines - avoid touching! Wide range of foodplants.
Availability: NOW
Iolana iolas The Bladder Senna Blue 1 pupa
The rarest butterfly listed by WWB and never been offered before.
Availability: NOW
Indian Moon Moth selene 15 Eggs/10 larvae
One of the finest of all Silkmoths, now hard to obtain. See the pictures of the variety of larval changes. Magnificent moths!
Availability: NOW
DUOS & TRIOS Select Your Own. 10 eggs of each species.
Select Your Own DUO or TRIO. A new way of buying at around half the normal price! A new innovation! DUO £9.99 TRIO £15.99
Availability: NOW
DUO Cherry Moth promethea and Antherina suraka 10 eggs of each
You may have never reared either of these species. See pictures and text.
Availability: NOW
Cherry Moth promethea eggs
Male and female totally dissimilar. Beautiful larvae, gregarious at first, become white and waxy, with coloured tubercles.
Availability: NOW
Antherina suraka Madagascar eggs/larvae
Amazingly varied caterpillar, with many colour forms. Very easy on Privet and other common shrubs. Very exotic moths.
Availability: NOW
DUO Indian and American Moon Moth selene and luna 10 eggs of each
Two of the most favourite Moon Moths. Supplies limited. Both easy to rear and very specacular. Big price saving!
Availability: Imminent
SIlver-striped Hawkmoth Hippotion celerio 15 eggs/10 larvae
One of Britain's rarest migrant Hawkmoths. Larvae extremely easy and fast-growing on wide variety of plants.
Availability: NOW
SIlver-striped Hawkmoth Hippotion celerio pupae
Extremely rare migrant to Britain. Fabulous larvae, fast growing and easily reared.
Availability: NOW
American Ailanthus Moth advena eggs/larvae
A rich olive form of Tree of Heaven Silkmoth from America. Magnificent!
Availability: NOW
Actias artemis Asia 15 eggs or 10 larvae
Far Eastern Moon Moth not commonly available. Larvae much like selene. Moths rather distinctive.
Availability: NOW
Peacock Butterfly Inachis io Pupae
Pupae of one of our finest garden butterflies. Release some to hibernate in hidden places and hopefully some will breed in the spring.
Availability: September
Pyjama Mini Cage 20 x 24 x 25cm high Multiple options
There is a special summer price for the Pyjama Mini Cage with big reductions for multiples of two or five.
Availability: NOW
English Swallowtail machaon britannicus 3 pupae
Pupae are expected in limited quantities this autumn. It would be wise to order early.
Availability: Autumn
Garden Tiger caja Woolly Bears 10 larvae
Woolly Bear larvae are available again! Endearing larvae and lavishly coloured moths! See also reduction for 50's to release.
Availability: NOW
European Swallowtail machaon gorganus  pupae
Superb pupae from Sweden and Holland. Adults will emerge this summer, producing another generation.
Availability: Autumn
Marbled White galathea 20 larvae
Marbled Whites live in long grass. You can hibernate them on potted grass in a sleeve, or scatter loose in the grass where you wish to establish them.
Availability: NOW
Large Heath tullia 10 larvae
Very localised species on northern moors. Larvae available in August. Hibernate sleeved on potted grass.
Availability: August
High Brown Fritillary Fabriciana adippe 20 eggs
Eggs of this rare Fritillary are about to be sent out. Hibernate newly hatched larvae in leaf litter with growing violet, covered with netting.
Availability: Autumn
£29.90 £12.95
Queen of Spain Fritillary lathonia 10 Larvae
Very rare migrant to Britain. Larvae feed on Pansy and Viola. Butterflies this year. Amazing silver spangled underside.
Availability: NOW
European Swallowtail P.machaon gorganus 15 eggs/10 larvae
Swallowtails are breeding well this year. Eggs/larvae are available immediately.
Availability: May/June
Robin Moth cecropia Eggs
Larvae develop quickly in summer and do very well sleeved. Beautiful in all stages.
Availability: NOW
Poplar Hawk Laothoe populi 15 eggs/10 larvae
Eggs being laid now. Easy to rear on Poplars and Willows.
Availability: NOW
£12.50 £9.95
American Moon Moth Actias luna 15 Eggs or 10 larvae
Easy to rear on a variety of foodplants. Moths are produced this season.
Availability: Imminent
Clouded Yellow Crocea 10 Larvae
One of our loveliest migrant butterflies. Larvae do well on clover and trefoils.
Availability: September
Comma larvae c-album 10 larvae
The larvae live singly on Stinging Nettle. Easily to rear, and fast growing.
Availability: NOW
Oak Hawk Marumba quercus pupae
A rare and very beautiful Hawkmoth, with remarkable camouflage. Rear the larvae on Oak and Evergreen Oak.
Availability: NOW
Adonis Blue bellargus 10 larvae
Unusually we have a number of spare larvae of this iridencent blue butterfly. Larvae feed on Horseshoe or Crown Vetch.
Availability: Summer
Peacock Butterfly Inachis io 10 larvae
Peacocks are one of our most colourful garden butterflies. You can raise and release them to boost your local populations.
Availability: June
Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae 10 larvae
Larvae available immediately. A species that has been threatened. You can help it recover.
Availability: NOW
English Swallowtail machaon britannicus 15 eggs or 10 larvae
Very much in demand. We can take new orders for supply this summer.
Availability: Summer 2015
Puss Moth vinula 15 eggs
From baby caterpillars to fierce giants, these amazing larvae change and surprise you all the time!
Availability: May
Plastic Box Size 6 Extra Large. Pack of 2
Large, clear rearing containers, not always obtainable. Available immediately.
Availability: NOW
Chinese Moon Moth selene ningpoana 15 eggs or 10 larvae
This is a race of Actias selene. The early stages have much in common with the Indian Moon Moth. Click to see pictures.
Availability: September
Pyjama Cage LARGE 60 x 40 cm changeable height
The Pyjama Large Cage has been transformed and is at a special Indroductory Price.
Availability: NOW
£49.50 £44.50
Scarlet Tiger Moth dominula 15 eggs or 10 larvae
Scarlet Tiger larvae can be established in gardens and along river banks. Wonderful day-flying moths emerge in June.
Availability: NOW
Emperor Gum Moth eucalypti cocoons
Cocoons fresh from New Zealand. Not difficult to breed. Larvae feed on Eucalyptus and reportedly on Birch.
Availability: NOW
Oleander Hawk nerii 15 eggs
Huge migrant Hawkmoth, unusually patterned in greens. Larvae grow very fast if warm.
Availability: September
Deathshead Hawk Atropos 15 Eggs,
Eggs being laid this month. Spectacular larvae, grow fast if warm. Amazing squeaking moths!
Availability: NOW
Eri Silkmoth Philosamia cynthia ricini eggs/larvae
Larvae do well on Privet or Ricinus. Continuously brooded. Pairing easy.
Availability: September
Clouded Yellow Crocea 5 pupae
Pupae are available in good numbers. A colourful migrant that breeds well.
Availability: September
African Moon Moth Argema mimosae 5 Cocoons
The very elegant African Moon Moth. The larvae do well on Eucalyptus. Cocoons are on their way to us NOW.
Availability: NOW
Painted Lady cardui  5 larvae in Pot on Diet
Larvae on diet in pots is convenient and requires less daily attention.
Availability: NOW
Calleta Silkmoth Eupackardia calleta 2 cocoons
Rather rare cocoons of this N. American Saturniid, a few available now.
Availability: NOW
£12.95 £10.00
Theretra oldenlandiae 15 eggs/10 larvae
One of the most attractive Hawkmoth larvae. Fast growing. Seldom bred.
Availability: August
Green-veined White napi larvae
Not a threat to the garden, the larvae feed on wild Cruciferae, Mustards, Horseradish etc. A delight to the countryside.
Availability: NOW
Giant Atlas Moth Attacus atlas 15 eggs/10 Larvae
Early eggs of this the largest moth in the world. Keep larvae warm and moist. Not difficult on Privet
Availability: September
Painted Lady cardui 10 larvae
Available immediately on Stinging Nettle. Also feeds on Mallow, Burdock and Thistle
Availability: NOW
Calleta Silkmoth Eupackardia calleta 15 eggs/10 larvae
A very different Silkmoth from Mexico, easy to rear on Privet and Ash.
Availability: September
Moonlander Moth Trap with Supports and Goodden GemLight
Delays getting electronic components has caused a shortage, but we have just received a small stock.
Availability: NOW
The Goodden GemLight
The world's most compact moth light. Powerful and lasts all night.
Availability: NOW
European Cynthia Moth Philosamia cynthia cocoons
One of Europe's largest silkmoths. Exotic moths, curious white spikey larvae easy on Privet.
Availability: NOW
Oak Silkmoth polyphemus  cocoons
Very colourful moths that lay a lot of eggs! Larvae easy to rear on common plants. Decorated with silver spangles like mercury. SPECIAL PRICES!
Availability: Winter
New to the WWB website. High quality forceps for use in larvae rearing - at a very low price
Availability: NOW
NETTING Fine Black Nylon 10 metres
Worldwide Butterflies netting price is very low. Now there is a SPECIAL PROMOTION PRICE on 10 metres!
Availability: NOW
£31.95 £17.95
PROMOTION PRICE on collections of Six Different Silkworm Varieties
Availability: NOW
£53.70 £29.00
Artificial Mulberry Diet for 20 Silkworms
Special Promotion Price. Substitute food for silkworms when mulberry difficult to find.
Availability: NOW
Outfit to rear silkworms from egg to cocoon, complete with diet, and equipment to reel the silk - some 3 miles from each cocoon!
Availability: NOW
£59.50 £39.50
Lepidopterist's Rearing Outfit
Introductory outfit for starting to rear butterflies and moths.
Availability: NOW
£59.50 £39.95
Silkmoth Rearer's Handbook SPECIAL PRICE
Was out of print. More copies have become available. After this no more!
Availability: NOW
£18.95 £11.25
Pyjama Cage Standard  40 x 30 cm  height 50
Ideal size for breeding most Lepidoptera and other insects
Availability: NOW
Pyjama Mini Cage 20 x 24 x 25cm high
Compact beginner's cage in a range up to real giants. Quick replacable covers.
Availability: NOW
£19.50 £16.95
Astonishing Butterflies and Moths DVD
DVD showing a fascinating and colourful insight into the lives and diversity of both temperate and tropical butterflies and moths.
Availability: NOW
Willowherb Hawkmoth Proserpinus proserpina Pupae
A beautiful species like a green Hummingbird Hawk. Breeds on Willowherb. Scarce.
Availability: NOW
Peruvian Black Beauty Stick Insect Peruphasma schultei 4 adults
Very pretty insect found only in small part of Peru. Excellent price! Easy to rear on Privet.
Availability: NOW
SILKWORM EGGS Bombyx mori  ROSA variety
Beautiful pink/orange cocoons spun by this beautiful Chinese variety. See also the other races on the same page.
Availability: NOW
Papilio demodocus 4 pupae
Very striking butterflies - easy to breed in a greenhouse
Availability: September
Idea leuconoe Philippines 5 pupae
With papery wings leuconoe difts through the jungle!
Availability: September
Morpho peleides pupae
Magnificent, iridescent blue, and very large! You can have these emerge at home!
Availability: September


 Livestock orders not able to be supplied are carried over for priority supply the next season. Please inform us if you wish to cancel and be credited or refunded.

Livestock sent to UK addresses will be replaced or credited if it arrives dead and is reported within 2 days. Not if it dies subsequently or is reported later.  Overseas orders are sent only at the buyer's risk.

Please note that all prices are subject to 20% VAT (except books and orders from non-EU countries), and carriage charges, which will be added to your order at the checkout.

Livestock sent outside the UK, whilst we do our best to see that it arrives safely, is sent at the BUYER'S RISK. Livestock to Mediterranean countries is often subject to delay and hot climate. Please do not order eggs/larvae, nor pupae that are not dormant, to be sent where it is hot.  Livestock sent to USA need USDA permits. We cannot send to AUS or NZ, unless government authorised.


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