Zerynthia caucasica 5 Pupae

Zerynthia caucasica  5 Pupae
Zerynthia caucasica  5 Pupae
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Allancastria caucasica South Russia and Turkey

A group curiously placed between Apollo and Swallowtails.

Described originally as a subspecies of Allancastria cerisyi, this species was first given species status by Kuhna as recently as 1977.

Rarely obtained, we have a few pupae available immediately. Very slender pupae, almost remeniscent of Orange Tip.

The female is particularly heavily patterned and quite distinct from other Allancastria.

The larvae feed on Aristolochia pontica, A. pallida, and A. iberica.  In captivity they have been reared on A. pistolochia and A. rotunda.