Sunny Island 6.0H - 4.6Kw/6Kw 48V inverter 100A Charger

Sunny Island 6.0H - 4.6Kw/6Kw 48V inverter 100A Charger
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The Sunny Island 6.0H is ideal for people who strive to be as independent as possible and want to be actively involved in shaping their own energy supply. This is true both for new plants and for plant operators who would like to retrofit their existing PV plants to emphasize self-consumption more. The battery inverter fits to all PV-plant sizes, PV- inverters and batterie typs. Depending on local conditions, it can also integrate other renewable energy generators into the storage system, such as small wind turbines, hydroelectric power facilities and CHP plants.

Developed from the successful SI-5048 these inverters are rated to give a power output of 6kW for 30 min. IP54 protection to allow outdoor installation if required and increased operating temperature range of -25 to +60 deg C.

Inverters can be combined together to assemble higher power systems and used with the Sunny Island Remote Control which gives a single point of operation.

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