Heliconius melpomone 4 pupae

Heliconius melpomone 4 pupae
Heliconius melpomone 4 pupae
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Heliconius melpomone Central and South America

This species has a short time as a pupa and is not suitable to be sent internationally, other than by courier.

The Heliconius butterflies are mimetic, not only of each other, but they also imitate other species that are distastful to predators. So don't be surprised if your butterflies don't have the same pattern and marking as the illustration, but they do have the same narrow wing shape in common, and their habits are wonderful to observe. Some are capapble of hovering and even flying backwards. The butterflies are able to gather not only nectar through the proboscis, but also pollen which they store in the coils of the proboscis.

Some individuals have been known to survive for months, even in captive conditions.

Eggs are laid on the growing shoots and tendrils of Passiflora, on which the larvae feed. Most lay eggs individually though some lay in groups. The butterflies are continuously brooded and can become a magnificent feature of a greenhouse or conservatory.