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British Moths by Chris Manley
Availability: NOW

British Moths  A photographic guide by Chris Manley.

The new edition to the previous British Moths and Butterflies.
This has almost 1300 micros plus all the macros, (approx 3200 photos) using the new taxonomy of Agassiz, Beavan & Heckford. With distribution maps and bar on each photo to show the actual size.

There are no butterflies or caterpillars covered this time.     Hardback, 448 pages.

£40.00 +vat
Collins Complete Guide to British Butterflies and Moths
Availability: NOW

Collins Complete Guide to British Butterflies and Moths by Paul Sterry, Andrew Cleave and Rob Read.

A comprehensive and fully illustrated guide, with more than 2500 photographs to help identify each species of butterfly and macro moth found in Britain and Ireland with ease.

Includes details on behaviour, eggs and larvae, status, geographical range and preferred habits, along with a section dealing with the ‘rarest of the rare’ - extinct species or very rare immigrants. 

Softcover, 368 pages

£19.99 +vat
Lepidopterist's Handbook NEW
Availability: NOW

Lepidopterist's Handbook NEW  by Peter May

A NEW HARDBACK edition.  Includes many new topics, including field equipment and methods, moth trapping, breeding considerations and conservation.

228 pages with 24 colour plates and 41 b/w plates

£25.00 +vat