Worldwide Butterflies has been supplying butterflies and moths for over half a century. There is a range of species available as livestock. Schools can see Recommended School Species. 

Butterflies and moths are supplied for historic, scientific and identification collections, medical research, for photography and conservation, and even just for their incredible beauty and natural history interest.

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Schools and educational establishments are prominent in Worldwide Butterflies’ list of customers. A number people started by buying from Worldwide Butterflies, and have gone on to become professional in Entomology and Natural History in a number of ways. In fact in fact this has now continued in subsequent generations. To read about Worldwide Butterflies from the earliest days please see History.

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LIVING BUTTERFLIES and MOTHS. For film shoots, weddings and other events we are sometimes asked for butterflies to release. Foreign species cannot be used for this and we don't supply living adults. You can buy pupae but not to a specific date, so you need to organise the synchronisation of emergence for the particular requirement.



To make sure that the recipient gets the greatest benefit, let them choose from the whole WWB website the things they MOST want.

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Orders for European destinations may be sent by Express courier, once the species is available, if it is obligatory because the species develops quickly, or because it is specifically requested. Generally Express courier takes 1-3 days and is the best way to send livestock that requires special handling. 






BEGINNER? If you have not reared butterflies and moths before, please take note of the foodplants your larvae will need. To know how to keep caterpillars, hatch out pupae and care for your livestock we recommend the handbook The All Colour Paperback BUTTERFLIES which is on the Schools Page and in the Book Section. It is packed with information and will help you a great deal.



If you are a beginner and need information on rearing from small caterpillars, or hatching out pupae, please order the book shown above. INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT SENT WITH EACH SPECIES, you need to acquire basic skills and this book is a simple way to learn them.


Newly hatched or small larvae are too small to be put into a cage or aquarium. If you can put them on growing foodplant, protected with a sleeve, that is ideal. Alternatively keep in a plastic box, lined with absorbent paper, in close confinement with fresh foodplant, and changed daily. Fuller hints on the page for Plastic Rearing Containers. For illustrated instructios see the All Colour Paperback BUTTERFLIES.


LIVESTOCK ON OUR WEBSITE  is very wide-ranging. Please scroll down the different sections. There are some very interesting species for the connoisseur and for the beginner.


ON YOUR ACCOUNT please enter dates when you cannot receive livestock. Letting us know by any other means will not apply the dates to the system and will not prevent dispatch of orders when you cannot receive them.



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To brighten up the winter days WWB is offering a number of  items at TEMPORARY SALE PRICES.

See the MARKET STALL SECTION which includes the WWB innovative sleeves in 5 sizes, all with zip access, cages, netting, plastic rearing containers and a wide selection of pupae, all immediately available.


Breeding stock of 5 or 10 pupae: If the species breeds easily, or you are  experienced and if both sexes emerge at about the same time, 5 pupae may well be enough to give you a pairing and fertile eggs. With TEN pupae, the chances of breeding success are considerably improved.

Classic species. The WWB website has a very wide range of species from all over the world, including Deathshead Hawkmoth, Swallowtails, wonderful Exotic Butterfly Pupae, tropical giants such as the Atlas Moths and a variety of amazing Moon Moths. The anticipated season for availability is shown for each one.



Please see this innovative pocket net click here


EARLY SPRING EGGS and LARVAE. Marsh Fritillary aurinia, the rare High Brown Fritillary adippe and the Dark Green Fritillary aglaia larvae are coming out of hibernation and can be supplied NOW, and at special prices!  Eri Silkmoth ricini eggs and larvae are ready immediately. This month Woolly Bear (Garden Tiger caja)  and SIlver-washed Fritillary paphia larvae will be out of hibernation and will be sent out in the second half of March. Painted Lady cardui larvae on diet or leaf will become available this month. Kentish Glory versicolora eggs are being laid now and can be sent immediately. Emperor Moth pavonia eggs will be laid soon and will certainly be available in April, and hopefully in March.

Large cocoons of the Giant Atlas Moth Attacus atlas are immediately available. They have become very difficult to obtain but we have an excellent stock of very fine cocoons. They are in diapause, which means they can be stored cold until you wish to breed from them, from spring onwards. Alternatively they can be put into incubation conditions as soon as you wish, to emerge much earlier.

Several new and interesting species have just been added to this season's range, including real rarities and some for the first time ever. See the Featured items for new Eyed HawksAcherontia styx  and Actias artemis. 

PUPAE NEST: At this time, with the new season ahead, it is a good opportunity to set up a practical emerging cage. WWB has devised the PUPAE NEST, which is the most successful way of keeping pupae moist, safe and able to be examined whenever required. The Pupae Nest is suitable for all pupae, but is particularly ideal for pupae that live on or under the ground. Pupae are arranged in depressions in specially formed foam sheets, which keeps the pupae separate, moist, and in hygienic conditions. Please see the Pupae Nest in the section for Plastic Rearing Containers.

For the Field Naturalist there is the new Spring Frame Pocket Net. Please see this in the Equipment section of this website. The design is practical, construction rugged, and the net fits nicely in the pocket, but can be deployed in seconds when required. This keeps both hands free for examination and photography, when the net is not in current use. 

Woolly Bears are the larvae of the Garden Tiger Moth Arctia caja. Young Woolly Bears can be ordered in advance for delivery in March, when they come out of hibernation. Once found commonly on waysides but now quite scarce. Sleeve the larvae on Willow or Sallow, letting the leaves accumulate in the sleeve to give the caterpillars a hibernation haven. They are normally ground feeders on Dock, Dandelion, Nettle and other such plants but they hibernate well sleeved.

Bee Hawkmoths. Pupae are immediately available of the Broad-bordered Bee Hawk fuciformis, and the Far Eastern Bee Hawk affinis. For the first time we also have some pupae of the magnificent bright green Hemaris croatica - a great rarity from eastern Europe into Russia. See the pictures and text for this exceptional species. 

The African Peacock Mantis Pseudempusa pinnapavonis is a most beautiful new species to the WWB website. Search the name and see the pictures of these wonderful creatures displaying. They are available right now.

Eggs of the far eastern Boisduval's Silkmoth Caligula boisduvali are available immediately. The larvae are exceptionally beautiful, changing appearance at each skin-change. The eggs produce larvae in early spring, as soon as the first buds open. Highly recommended.  See also the eggs of the Yamamai Silkmoth which has large and easily reared larvae, that produce bright GREEN cocoons!

Even at this season there are some larvae available immediately. Pre-hibernation larvae and winter eggs of certain British butterflies are ready to send right now - see the large Fritillaries, Hairstreaks and Marbled White galathea. 

International customers can save Express courier fees in summer by buying dormant winter pupae by post, for breeding next season.

This is the time to look ahead to plans for rearing next spring and summer. The dormant pupae can be kept in cold storage, even a fridge, and brought out in the spring for emergence of the adults and subsequent breeding. Deathshead Hawkmoth atropos eggs and larvae did wonderflly last year and more eggs will be available in early spring.. This is one of the most sought after of all species and they will be available for only a short time. Oleander Hawk nerii eggs are also due this spring.

Other interesting species are the Small Eggar lanestris whose nut-like cocoons are available now. Keep them refrigerated because the moment temperatures rise in spring, the moths develop inside, and suddenly emerge prematurely on a warmer day. There are also Cinnabar jacobaeae pupae, which usually sell before spring arrives.  Vapourer Moth antiqua eggs are available now. Store them cold until they hatch in spring.

Eggs and larvae of Large Fritillaries. Larvae of the Dark Green Fritillary aglaia are immediately available. Winter them sleeved on potted Violet, kept out of doors.  Marbled White galathea pre-hibernation larvae are also available to hibernate outside, sleeved on potted coarse grass

Eggs of rare Hairstreaks Winter eggs of the Brown Hairstreak betulae and the very RARE Black Hairstreak pruni are available immediately. Store the eggs cold until the buds open in spring.

Butterfly winter pupae available right now include Orange Tip cardamines, Map Butterfly levana Eurpean Swallowtail machaon gorganus and The Festoon polyxena. Soon there will be others, including  Swallowtail machaon gorganus and Scarce Swallowtail podalirius.

Osier Willow S. viminalis. Years ago we planted a stick that was floating down a river in Wiltshire. That was in 1954! It grew - rapidly - producing a wealth of leaves. We tried it as a foodplant and discovered that not only did British species do well on it, but exotic silkmoth larvae as well.  An amazing foodplant that grows prodigeously, looks most attractive grown formally in a garden, or in a wild setting.

Three particularly interesting moth species all available immediately: Vapourer Moth antiqua store the eggs cold until spring. The caterpillars are tufted and brilliantly coloured. Small Eggar Moth lanestris cocoons, available NOW,  are smooth and oval, looking rather like nuts. See the pictures of the moths. The female has a powder-puff tail which she uses to cover the eggs. The larvae live in a white tent, emerging at night to feed. Kentish Glory versicolora now very scarce, emerges and breeds in late winter. Pupae are ready immediately. The larvae cluster and blend with their foodplant, and become as impressive as the Hawkmoths. Male and female are different in size and colour, and quite unlike any other moth. These are highly recommended, and pupae numbers are very limited.

Moonlander Moth Trap and Goodden GemLight. No other trap is so compact and lightweight for travel. The only ultra compact trap and light for travel and sampling insects in remote habitats. 

Rearing Cages There are cages for travel, small ones for starters, Giant for larger breeding programmes and the range of Pyjama Cages in three sizes. Pyjama Cages are practical in use and  one of the most important features is that, a used cage can be renovated to almost new state in only a few minutes. No need to replace netting that is worn or dirty, simply by removing the entire netting cover and replacing with a new or freshly washed one. 

Sleeves. Sleeving is the most natural method for rearing larvae, proving constantly fresh food, with protection from parasites and predators, and preventing escape. The WWB sleeves uniquely have zip access which is a great convenience and time-saver. Five sizes from small to giant.

Hawkmoth pupae.  Ready now are Privet Hawk ligustri, Elephant elpenor,  Bee Hawk fuciformis, Lime Hawk tiliae, Poplar Hawk populi, Eyed Hawk ocellata, Elephant Hawk elpenor and Small Elephant Hawk porcellus. In the coming weeks, other species will arrive and can be ordered now for breeding next season. 

Giant Silkmoth cocoons available NOW include the Giant Atlas Moth, American Moon Moth luna, American Oak Silkmoth polyphemus, Cherry Moth promethea, and soon the European Tree of Heaven Silkmoth cynthia. 

Several different Swallowtail Butterfly pupae are currently available, including the European Swallowtail machaonScarce Swallowtail podalirius, The Festoon Zerynthia polyxena a delicate and smaller European Papilio species. There are also Swallowtails from North America. 

EXOTIC SWALLOWTAIL pupae, and World Exotic Butterfly Pupae are available immediately, with even more species available from March.

This RECOMMENDED section is constantly evolving. Please keep visiting the WWB website to see more, and all the other changes and additions.





Worldwide Butterflies - over 50 years of supplying butterflies, moths, livestock, and entomological equipment

Papilio multicaudata North America 15 eggs or 10 larvae
Very large and multi-tailed North American Swallowtail. Amazing eyed larvae that feed on Lime.
Availability: June 2019
Rothschildia cincta 15 eggs or 10 larvae
A lovely South American Atlas moth, that thrives on Privet.
Availability: June/July
Calleta Silkmoth Eupackardia calleta 15 eggs/10 larvae
Rather difficult to obtain, Larvae easy to rear on common foodplants.
Availability: September
Antheraea sumatrana from Sumatra Cocoons
Sumatran Antheraea with some characteristics of mylitta. Both sexes very variable in colour.
Availability: NOW
Attacus lorquinii  cocoons
Endemic Philippine Atlas Moth. Only available from time to time. Strongly marked with red.
Availability: NOW
Bullseye Moth Automeris io  cocoons
Charming moths, gregarious stinging larvae that eat many foodplants. Easy to rear.
Availability: NOW
Black-veined White crataegi 10 larvae
Larvae immediately available. Gregarious until older. Easily reared on Hawthorn, Plum and Blackthorn. Butterflies produced this year.
Availability: NOW
Black Hairstreak S. pruni 10 larvae
Now is the season for larvae of this extreme British Rarity. Easily reared on Blackthorn.
Availability: NOW
£50.00 £28.00
EXTRA EARLY PUPAE Small Tortoiseshell urticae 10 pupae
Very early pupae immediately available. This once very common species now needs help to survive.
Availability: NOW
Black-veined White crataegi 5 pupae
Most beautiful pupae, available in May, producing butterflies May/June. Not difficult to pair and obtain egg batches. With climate change it may be possible to establish again in Britain.
Availability: Apr/May
Antheraea oculea Mexico and Southern USA 15 eggs
A remarkable rarity from Arizona and Mexico. Never before offered by WWB!
Availability: June/July
Bellavista Horned Devil Citheronia bellavista 15 eggs
Another first for WWB. Related to the Hickory Horned Devil, this is a considerable rarity.
Availability: June/July
Chinese Golden Emperor Loëpa oberthuri 15 eggs
A scarce Golden Emperor Moth from China, with a remarkable furry larva in the final instar.
Availability: June 2019
DUO Kentish Glory versicolora and Emperor Moth pavonia 10 eggs of each
Two of our popular larger moth species, at about half the normal price! May not be for long!
Availability: NOW
Madagascan Emperor Antherina suraka 15 eggs
Larvae have many forms of colour and pattern. Easily reared on Privet and other easy plants. Easy to breed. Lots of beauty and colour!
Availability: NOW
Peacock Mantis Pseudempusa pinnapavonis TWO young mantids
Highly colourful defence eye markings on this Asian Mantis. New to WWB!
Availability: NOW
Peruvian Black Beauty Stick Insect Peruphasma schultei 4 adults
Very unusual and scarce species. Only a few available.
Availability: NOW
Lappet Moth quercifolia 15 eggs
Eggs are laid in July. The fascinating larvae feed into the autumn, and hibernate sleeved on Blackthorn. Very special!
Availability: July/August
Marsh Fritillary aurinia larvae  10 larvae
Larvae feeding and developing well on Honeysuckle, Devil's Bit and Teasel. Butterflies emerge this year.
Availability: NOW
Glanville Fritillary cinxia 10 larvae
Larvae immediately available. Gregarious until older. Easily reared on Ribwort Plantain. Butterflies produced this year.
Availability: NOW
Zompro’s Stick Insect Parapachymorpha zomproi 10 NYMPHS medium to large
A more recent arrival - a very twiggy Stick Insect that grows fast and demonstrates amazing camouflage!
Availability: NOW
DUO Clifden Nonpareil Catocala fraxini with Red Underwing nupta 15 eggs of each SPECIAL PRICE
Eggs of two of our finest moths. Easily reared on Poplar. Can be sleeved indoors or outside. A BARGAIN!
Availability: NOW
Spanish Moon Moth G isabellae eggs
Extremely scarce and probably the most beautiful European moth! The larvae thrive on Pine.
Availability: May/June 2019
CEBALLOSI subspecies of Graellsia isabellae eggs
A subspecies described in recent times. Ceballosi is for the connoisseur.
Availability: May/June 2019
Kentish Glory, Versicolora eggs SPECIAL PRICES
Eggs being laid now. The larvae hatch as the buds are opening. Very easy to rear and they do well sleeved indoors or outside.
Availability: NOW
Never offered before, the Pupae Nest is the innovative way WWB incubates pupae for best results and hygienic control.
Availability: NOW
Painted Lady cardui  5 larvae in Pot on Diet
From March onwards these larvae are available in pots of diet so children can watch the life cycle without feeding and maintenance!
Availability: NOW
EARLY Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae 10 larvae
First available in April. Prepare pots of nettle to feed the young larvae in a simple cage or sleeve.
Availability: Late April/May
Spring Frame Pocket Net - NEW SUPERIOR DESIGN
The best made and designed pocket net, compact and convenient for travel and field work. Introductory price!
Availability: NOW
£45.50 £34.95
Canadian Eyed Hawk Smerinthus cerisyi 15 eggs
Breeds easily and feeds on easily found foodplants.
Availability: May/June 2019
Actias artemis Asia 15 eggs
An oriental Moon Moth that is not frequently available.
Availability: June/July 2019
Small Eyed Sphinx Paonias myops North America 15 eggs
Rather small Eyed Hawk in appearance, but not a Smerinthus.
Availability: May/June 2019
Sphinx jamaicensis 15 eggs or 10 larvae according to availability
Brightly coloured Eyed Hawk that we have not had for years.
Availability: June/July 2019
Smerinthus caecus, RUSSIA 15 eggs
A Russian Eyed Hawk never before offered by WWB.
Availability: May/June
Giant Atlas Moth Attacus atlas cocoons SPECIAL PRICES
Despite the shortage of atlas cocoons we have good stocks from Thailand, which can be incubated now or stored for summer breeding.
Availability: NOW
Scarlet Windowed Moth Cricula andrei pupae
There are a few pairs of cocoons immediately available. This species had not been available for a great many years.
Availability: NOW
Eri Silkmoth Philosamia cynthia ricini 10 larvae
Larvae immediately available. Gregarious until older. Easily reared on Privet. Continuously brooded.
Availability: Spring
Clifden Nonpareil (Blue Underwing) Catocala fraxini 15 Eggs
Store eggs refrigerated until May. Wonderful larvae and spectacular moths!
Availability: NOW
Allancastria caucasica  5 Pupae SPECIAL PRICES
MOST difficult to obtain. This much sought-after Festoon species has not been available for quite a few years. Only a few available.
Availability: NOW
£35.00 £29.95
Vapourer Moth antiqua eggs.
Eggs immediately available. Store cold until spring. Beautiful tufted larvae, Curious wingless female. Vigorous and active males.
Availability: NOW
Giant Peacock Moth pyri Cocoons  SPECIAL PRICES
The largest European moth, with larvae as fine as any exotic Moon Moth. Not difficult to breed.
Availability: NOW
Eyed Hawk Smerinthus ocellata pupae
Prominent eye spots are flashed when disturbed. Larvae amazingly camouflaged. Breeds easily.
Availability: NOW
Poplar Hawk Laothoe populi  pupae
The hindwings are displayed in front of the forewings. Big fat larvae. Two generations every summer.
Availability: NOW
Lime Hawk tiliae pupae
This strain has been producing extreme forms of One-spot, Brick Red and Banded, in a variety of colours.
Availability: NOW
Map Butterfly levana  Pupae
In short supply but a stock of fine pupae has just arrived.
Availability: NOW
Black Hairstreak S. pruni TEN eggs SPECIAL PRICE.
Britain's rarest Hairstreak. VERY SCARCE! Winter eggs to rear in spring.
Availability: Autumn 2019
£30.00 £20.00
Brown Hairstreak T. betulae 20 eggs
Winter eggs of this butterfly that few people see in the wild. Rear on Blackthorn in springtime.
Availability: Winter 2019-20
Scarce Swallowtail podalirius pupae SPECIAL PRICES
As exotic as tropical Swallowtails. Pupae available immediately
Availability: NOW
Pine Arches Moth Panthea coenobita 4 cocoons
Very hard to obtain. A small number of cocoons available now.
Availability: NOW
Cinnabar Moth Hipocrita jacobaeae pupae
Scarce in Europe and suddenly less common in Britain. Store pupae cold until spring.
Availability: NOW
Boisduval's Silkmoth Caligula boisduvali 15 eggs
Eggs hatch in early spring. Beautiful larvae that change a lot at different stages. Easy to rear and can be sleeved outside, or reared indoors.
Availability: NOW
£13.95 £12.95
Oleander Hawk nerii 15 eggs or 10 larvae according to availability
Eggs available again in November. The larvae thrive on Privet and grow fast in the warm.
Availability: June/July
Deathshead Hawk Atropos 15 Eggs,
Breeding has gone well and more orders can be taken for September delivery.
Availability: April/May
American Moon Moth Actias luna Cocoons
Although in short supply this season, there is a stock of cocoons available immediately. Spectacular moths and easy to breed.
Availability: Autumn 2019
Oak Silkmoth polyphemus  cocoons SPECIAL PRICE
Amazing moths with huge hindwing eye-spots. Considerable colour variation. Eggs are laid in large numbers. Very attractive larvae with silver spangles!
Availability: NOW
Cherry Moth promethea cocoons
Male and female amazingly different! Very spectacular and curious larvae. Highly recommended.
Availability: Autumn 2019
Empty cocoon collections. Hugely varied, all identified. From a UNIQUE collection of the world's Silkmoth cocoons.
Availability: NOW
Spicebush Swallowtail troilus pupae
In short supply this season, but pupae are arriving in November.
Availability: NOW
Hemaris croatica pupae SPECIAL PRICES
Extremely difficult to obtain.This is the first time ever. The most desirable of all Bee Hawkmoths!
Availability: NOW
Emperor Gum Moth eucalypti cocoons SALE PRICES
Often difficult to obtain. New stock of cocoons just arrived. Pairing easy.
Availability: NOW
Mercury Vapour spare bulb
No longer made. We have a SMALL stock immediately available
Availability: NOW
Madagascan Moon Moth mittrei  giant cocoons
Uniquely found in Madagascar, and truly giant. The cocoon is like silvery netting and is the largest in the world.
Availability: NOW
Owl Butterfly Caligo atreus two pupae
The most wonderful and colourful of all the Owl Butterflies. As good as any Morpho and better than most!
Availability: April onwards, monthly.
Broad-bordered Bee Hawk H fuciformis pupae
SPECIAL PRICES for this special Hawmoth that is seldom available. The moths are born with scales, which are immediately lost in flight!
Availability: Autumn 2019
Moonlander Moth Trap with Supports and Goodden GemLight
The most compact and lightweight trap in the world. Runs up to 9 hours on only 8 AA batteries. No lugging of brick-like batteries!
Availability: NOW
The Goodden GemLight
An amazing concept using compact electronics to attract insects, on tiny power. Designed for the Moonlander Moth Trap
Availability: NOW
OSIER A wonderful foodplant. Ten cuttings
One of the most universal of all foodplants. Fast-growing in the garden or potted. Read the full description.
Availability: NOW
Morpho peleides pupae
Successful emergence needs a tropical greenhouse. Hang the pupae in the shade.
Availability: April
Small Elephant Hawk porcellus pupae
Brilliantly coloured moths. Larvae are reared on Bedstraw, and are like Elephant larvae in miniature.
Availability: Autumn 2019
Elephant Hawk elpenor pupae
Wonderful magenta and olive markings. Larvae are a joy to rear on Fuschia or Willowherb.
Availability: NOW
Garden Tiger caja Woolly Bears 10 larvae
Woolly Bear caterpillars are great favourites and will be ready in March/April. Once common in hedgerows. Maybe we can help bring them back?
Availability: NOW
CHART Caterpillars of British Moths 1 and 2, Gordon Riley & David Carter
Two charts showing a massive variety of interesting moth caterpillars. A practical identification reference.
Availability: NOW
Breeding Butterflies & Moths - Ekkehard Friedrich
A most comprehensive bible on breeding many species in captivity. The only one of its kind.
Availability: NOW
Plastic Box Size 8 Medium. Pack of Six
An excellent new size for rearing larvae. Pack of six.
Availability: NOW
Pyjama Mini Cage 22 x 29 x 25cm high
The MINI PJ cage has now grown about a third and is better proportioned. Price held.
Availability: NOW
Pyjama Cage LARGE 60 x 40 cm changeable height
Revolutionary design. Lots of space. Easy to maintain. Choose between low or high and change at will. Temporary SPECIAL PRICE!
Availability: NOW
New to the WWB website. High quality forceps for use in larvae rearing - at a very low price
Availability: NOW
NETTING Fine Black Nylon 10 metres SALE PRICE
Worldwide Butterflies netting price is very low. Now there is a SPECIAL PROMOTION PRICE on 10 metres!
Availability: NOW
£31.95 £25.95
Artificial Mulberry Diet for 20 Silkworms
Special Promotion Price. Substitute food for silkworms when mulberry difficult to find.
Availability: NOW
Outfit to rear silkworms from egg to cocoon, complete with diet, and equipment to reel the silk - some 3 miles from each cocoon!
Availability: NOW
£59.50 £39.50
Idea leuconoe Philippines 8 pupae
With papery wings leuconoe difts through the jungle!
Availability: April


 Livestock orders not able to be supplied are carried over for priority supply the next season. Please inform us if you wish to cancel and be credited or refunded.

Livestock sent to UK addresses will be replaced or credited if it arrives dead and is reported within 2 days. Not if it dies subsequently or is reported later.   Orders are sent internationally only at the buyer's risk.

Please note that all prices are subject to carriage charges and 20% VAT (except books and orders from non-EU countries), which will be added to your order at the checkout.

Livestock sent outside the UK, whilst we do our best to see that it arrives safely, is sent at the BUYER'S RISK. Livestock to Mediterranean countries is often subject to delay and hot climate. Please do not order eggs/larvae, nor pupae that are not dormant, to be sent where it is hot.  Livestock sent to USA need USDA permits. We cannot send to AUS or NZ, unless government authorised.


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