Worldwide Butterflies has been supplying butterflies and moths for over half a century. There is a range of species available as livestock. Schools can see Recommended School Species.

Butterflies and moths are supplied for historic, scientific and identification collections, medical research, for photography and conservation, and even just for their incredible beauty and natural history interest.

Schools and educational establishments are prominent in Worldwide Butterflies’ list of customers. A number people started by buying from Worldwide Butterflies, and have gone on to become professional in Entomology and Natural History in a number of ways. In fact in fact this has now continued in subsequent generations. To read about Worldwide Butterflies from the earliest days please see History.


To make sure that the recipient gets the greatest benefit, let them choose from the whole WWB website the things they MOST want.

This is a wonderful way to mark an event, birthday, anniversary or show appreciation to friends or family, or to encourage a budding interest, even to start a new one.

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LIVING BUTTERFLIES and MOTHS. For film shoots, weddings and other events we are sometimes asked for butterflies to release. Foreign species cannot be used for this and we don't supply living adults. You can buy pupae but not to a specific date, so you need to organise the synchronisation of emergence for the particular requirement.


Customers sometimes expect their orders to arrive next day. Please take into account the anticipated season shown for each item and the fact that several items may be sent from different sources, often from another country. Post to Europe usually takes one to two weeks and often more in holiday periods.





Please check availability on this website and, on YOUR ACCOUNT to see if there is a note against your booked item. If you do enquire, please quote not only the order NUMBER and your NAME but also the SPECIES.

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COURIER DELIVERIES to EUROPE International orders for livestock that would take too long in the post, are delivered in Europe by express courier, usually arriving next day after dispatch. This almost eliminates the risk in transit and is the only shipping option for most non-dormant livestock. Some species are recommended to be shipped by courier: in such cases, if XXP is not selected the packet will be posted, but the risk is considerably increased.

Outside Europe and USA only dormant pupae and eggs can be posted. Courier delivery outside Europe is only by individual arrangement and is not generally available.




Historic specimens and Aberrations are now on the WWB website Click here to see set specimens of Coppers

The cost of postage and packing was not only reduced last season but is not increased with the new, higher postal rates.  New packaging is being used, that reduces weight and size, so the charge for posting livestock in the UK and overseas was reduced by about 25% and continues to be held down this year.  




BREEDING STOCK OF 5 PUPAE OR 10?  Some species offer these two alternatives. If the species is easy, or you are experienced, it may be possible to obtain a pairing from 5 pupae, as long as they hatch together in a short time. Clearly the chances are greatly improved if you have a breeding stock of TEN pupae.


The WWB website offers classic species such as Swallowtails, Atlas Moth, Deathshead atropos and Oleander Hawkmoths nerii, Spanish Moon Moth isabellae and many more. They are popular, so the earlier you book, the higher on the list your order will be.  


SPRING IS HERE AT LAST! Warmer, showery weather is already encouraging some bud-burst, Blackthorn blossom and fluffy Pussy Willow. Time to start sampling with a moth trap the spring moths that visit these blooms. See the CURRENT LIVESTOCK for early larvae: EARLY Small Tortoiseshell urticae and Peacock inachis io are flourishing and growing fast. There is a special offer of 10 of each at a special price. There are still seom Woolly Bear larvae caja for a short time. Some can remember finding them in the hedgerows and many people are buying them to try to bring them back to the countryside. There are larvae of the Tau Emperor and Ligurian Emperor pavoniella, which become incredibly varied and multi-coloured as they grow.


BLACK-VEINED WHITE Aporia crataegi pupae are immediately available. Not available every year, we have them for about a week.


GLANVILLE FRITILLARY cinxia pupae are immediately available. In Britain the species is found on the Isle of Wight coastal cliffs. Some have been established elsewhere in Britain. Maybe they could be spread further. The larvae are easily reared sleeved on pots of Narrow-leaved Plantain. The pupae will emerge as butterflies in early summer. Available for a limited time. 


MARSH FRITILLARY aurinia pupae are also available NOW, for about a week, supplies now very limited.


MARSH FRITILLARY ssp beckeri larvae will be available in May/June. This is a very larg and brilliantly coloured subspecies from the Mediterranean. Very spectacular. 


SPANISH MOON MOTH isabellae eggs will be ready this month. This is undoubtedly the most exotic of all European Lepidoptera. A considerable rarity and most rewarding to rear. They can be sleeved out in normal summer conditions. We are lucky to have a breeder in Spain to provide this wonderful species.


GYNANDSIA MAIA pupae from Africa will be available this month. The moth and the larvae are most spectacular, and few people have bred them. If you have some experience and want an unusual and beautiful species to breed, this is the one to choose!


GIANT BEE HAWK Cephanodes hylas. Much larger and more colourful than our European Bee Hawks, this magnificent species breeds easily and thrives on Honeysuckle and Gardenia leaves. Eggs are due in June.


EMPEROR GUM MOTH eucalypticocoons are available immediately. The cocoons are almost concrete hard, oval with pieces of bark woven in. The moths pair easily and the larvae thrive on Eucalyptus.


LANGIA ZENZEROIDES is one of the world's most spectacular Hawkmoths. The pattern and resting pose of the moth renders the most amazing camouflage. Wing scales are some of the largest of any species in the world. The eggs, emerald green when laid, become deep Burgundy when maturing. Larvae are robust and rugged. Don't miss this exceptional and very large Hawkmoth.


PUPAE OF EXOTIC BUTTERFLIES. The range is greater this month, and includes very fine Morpho and Caligo species. The pupae are as amazing as the butterflies, with their extremely odd and artistic shapes, colours, camouflage and metallic markings. If you have never tried them you will be amazed at the variety and beauty! Time to order is NOW! 


PINE HAWK Hyloicus pinastri pupae have become very difficult to obtain in recent years. A new stock has just been received and are available in sufficient quantities for breeding. Take a look at the pictures of the interesting changes in the pattern and colour of the larvae, that keep them camouflaged in all their ages. For breeding, set up the moths with nectar flowers (eg Valerian or Buddleia). Pairing is usually not difficult, and laying is often profuse.


BROAD-BORDERED BEE HAWK fuciformis pupae are available again this year. Very seldom can we offer them, but there are good numbers. Store cool to breed in June. Don't miss these amazing Hawkmoths! We see them as moths with clear wings. but they are born with scales which fly off when they take their first spin!


Our old favourite Osier Willow Salix viminalis can also be bought now as packets of 10 cuttings. Whether in the ground or in pots, roots appear very rapidly. In summer it is possible for a single cutting in suitable conditions to become a 2 metre high bush! We have discoverd that quite a variety of Hawkmoths, Silkmoths and others thrive on Osier. Put some in and be surprised.


There is a very wide variety of species available. Please search through Current Eggs and Larvae, and Current Pupae to see just how much there is now and coming shortly. 



There are some GOOD REDUCTIONS on certain livestock and other items. See the MARKET STALL for details.

SLEEVES for rearing larvae are on temporary SPECIAL OFFER at the moment.

Have you ever used a sleeve with a zip side opening? This is a new WWB innovation, as is the use of velcro ties for sleeve ends. Have a look at the sleeve section. Once you use a Zip Sleeve you won't want to go back to the traditional sleeve with no side access. A small extra cost for a huge benefit!


THE SEASON FOR MOTH TRAPPING is best from May, but there are some winter moths that can be attracted in kinder winter weather. The MOONLANDER MOTH TRAP with Goodden GEMLIGHT works in the field, in places where there is no electricity. It is the most compact and lightweight trap in the world. The GemLight runs all night on 8 AA batteries. This compares with a typical battery the size and weight of a brick!  Take a trap on holiday! It occupies little space in a suitcase and is only the weight of a camera. There is always space in a car, caravan or boat, because it is so compact. The batteries can be charged from a vehicle or on mains. 

PYJAMA CAGES are designed for the practical breeder who needs to be able to clean and renovate cages thoroughly and rapidly. They are proof against most parasites and the most escape-proof, for active larvae, of any design we have used. Eggs laid on the sides of the cage are dealt collected or sleeved with the minimum of time and effort. Pyjama cages are easily stored flat for the winter and quickly re-assembled in spring.

A new size of plastic rearing container has been introduced. The Size 8 comes in packs of 6. It is deeper than the flat Size 7, which allows more space for larvae and foodplant, without being so large that larvae stray off the food. This is very important when establishing young larvae. Buy a pack, and we think you will want to have some more!

Moonlander Moth Trap and Goodden GemLight. Click to see

and the Goodden GemLight. A completely new kind of moth light. Click here



BEGINNER? If you have not reared butterflies and moths before, please take note of the foodplants your larvae will need. To know how to keep caterpillars, hatch out pupae and care for your livestock we recommend the handbook The All Colour Paperback BUTTERFLIES which is on the Schools Page and in the Book Section. It is packed with information and will help you a great deal.



If you are a beginner and need information on rearing from small caterpillars, or hatching out pupae, please order the book shown above. INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT SENT WITH EACH SPECIES, you need to acquire basic skills and this book is a simple way to learn them.

LIVESTOCK ON OUR WEBSITE  is very wide-ranging. Please scroll down the different sections. There are some very interesting species for the connoisseur and for the beginner.


ON YOUR ACCOUNT please enter dates when you cannot receive livestock. Letting us know by any other means will not apply the dates to the system and will not prevent dispatch of orders when you cannot receive them.



We will email you: just go to My Account and click to receive these.


Newly hatched or small larvae are too small to be put into a cage or aquarium. If you can put them on growing foodplant, protected with a sleeve, that is ideal. Alternatively keep in a plastic box, lined with absorbent paper, in close confinement with fresh foodplant, and changed daily. Fuller hints on the page for Plastic Rearing Containers. For illustrated instructios see the All Colour Paperback BUTTERFLIES.






Worldwide Butterflies - over 50 years of supplying butterflies, moths, livestock, and entomological equipment

Cinnabar Moth Hipocrita jacobaeae 25 larvae
Once common, Cinnabars are scarce in Europe, and becoming so in Britain. Plentiful larvae available now at a BARGAIN PRICE.
Availability: NOW
Black Hairstreak pruni 5 pupae SPECIAL PRICE!
Extremely rare to have pupae available. These only until 28th May.
Availability: NOW only until 28 May 2018
£60.00 £50.00
Cephanodes hylas Eastern Green Bee Hawk 15 eggs
Magnificent and bulbous bright green Bee Hawk. Fast-growing larvae, easy to rear.
Availability: June
Sallow Kitten furcula 15 eggs/10 larvae
Very seldom offered. Eggs due very shortly. Double brooded.
Availability: May/Jun
Attacus lorquinii  cocoons
Endemic to the Philippines. Pupae available now.
Availability: NOW
EARLY Peacock Butterfly Inachis io 10 larvae
Very colourful butterflies are produced this summer. Rear young larvae on growing pots of nettle.
Availability: NOW
Brimstone rhamni 10 larvae SPECIAL PRICE!
The first larvae are already available. We are hoping for good numbers this season.
Availability: May/June
£15.95 £12.95
EARLY Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae 10 larvae
Larvae easily reared caged or sleeved on potted nettle. Ideal for schools and a good species for beginners.
Availability: June
Poplar Hawk Laothoe populi 15 eggs
Moths emerging now. Eggs due immediately. Moths produced this year and will breed again.
Availability: Imminent
Citrus Swallowtail POT LUCK collection of 20 eggs
A surprise collection of Citrus Swallowtail eggs to rear to butterflies on Citrus, Rue, Choisya etc.
Availability: June
Pale Tussock pudibunda 15 eggs
Charming tufted larvae. With light and dark forms. Easy to rear in sleeves. Happy with several foodplants.
Availability: NOW
Puss Moth vinula 15 eggs
One of the most exciting of all caterpillars! A must for a young enthusiast!
Availability: May 2018
Spanish Moon Moth G isabellae eggs
Europe's most wonderful silkmoth. Eggs will be laid this month and into June.
Availability: May 2018 onwards
CEBALLOSI subspecies of Graellsia isabellae eggs
A recently identified subspecies. Eggs will be laid this month and into June.
Availability: May 2018 onwards
Black-veined White crataegi 5 pupae
Extraordinarily marked pupae, sometimes formed in groups. It has been suggested that with climate change crataegi might once more breed in Britain.
Availability: NOW
Glanville Fritillary cinxia 5 pupae
Not always easily obtained! Pupae are available NOW for a limited period.
Availability: NOW
Gynandsia maia Africa 5 Pupae SPECIAL PRICE!
A most attractive and interesting African Silkmoth, that we are seldom able to offer. Pupae arriving any day now.
Availability: NOW
£21.25 £16.50
Madagascan Emperor Antherina suraka Madagascar  cocoons
Wonderfully colourful endemic Emperor Moth from Madagascar. VERY easy to breed. Larvae most varied in colour and pattern.
Availability: May 2018
Antheraea sumatrana from Sumatra Cocoons
A very scarce Antheraea from the large island of Sumatra. First time offered by WWB
Availability: NOW
Silver-washed Fritillary paphia 4 pupae
Very rarely available. We will have pupae of this very grand Fritillary this June.
Availability: June 2018
Neoris huttoni one pair of cocoons
Cocoons never offered before! The moths emerge and breed in September.
Availability: May/June 2018
Comma larvae c-album 10 larvae
Larvae live solitarily on Nettle, Willows, Elm and Hop. Ready NOW.
Availability: June onwards
Emperor Gum Moth eucalypti cocoons SALE PRICES
Often difficult to obtain. New stock of cocoons just arrived. Pairing easy.
Availability: NOW
Garden Tiger caja Woolly Bears 50 larvae
This is the season for Woolly Bears, once found in hedgerows, and could be again if we look after them!
Availability: August to October
£62.50 £42.95
Red Underwing Catocala nupta 15 eggs
Eggs to hatch as soon as foodplant is available. Larvae do well sleeved indoors or out.
Availability: NOW
Hissing Hawkmoth Phyllosphingia dissimilis 15 eggs
Read the description about the behaviour of the pupae!
Availability: June/July
Mercury Vapour spare bulb
No longer made. We have a SMALL stock immediately available
Availability: NOW
Saturnia pavoniella 10 larvae
Early eggs ready immediately. Easy to rear. Click to see some of the varied larval forms.
Availability: NOW
Zompro’s Stick Insect Parapachymorpha zomproi 10 NYMPHS medium to large
A Stick Insect new to WWB. Easily kept, ideal for beginners. Easy foodplants.
Availability: NOW
Monarch Butterfly (Milkweed) Danaus plexippus  5 pupae
Never available when wanted! Some pupae ready now and more are expected this month.
Availability: Available regularly but not all the time.
Festoon Zerynthia polyxena 5 pupae
This beautiful and delicate butterfly is one of the Swallowtail family.
Availability: NOW
Madagascan Moon Moth mittrei  giant cocoons SPECIAL PRICES!
Uniquely found in Madagascar, and truly giant. The cocoon is like silvery netting and is the largest in the world.
Availability: May 2018
Madagascan Moon Moth mittrei 10 eggs
The egg is the Ostrich of Moths, hugely larger than any other. The larvae are not difficult and can be sleeved out in summer.
Availability: May 2018
Camberwell Beauty antiopa 10 larvae
Larvae are due for dispatch next month. They do well sleeved but avoid too much rain.
Availability: May/June 2018
Camberwell Beauty antiopa 5 pupae
Pupae will be available this summer. Very popular. Please book early!
Availability: Summer 2018
Owl Butterfly Caligo atreus two pupae
The most wonderful and colourful of all the Owl Butterflies. As good as any Morpho and better than most!
Availability: NOW
Pine Hawk H pinastri pupae
RARE. Hard to obtain in recent years. There is now a fresh stock of pupae. Moths breed easily with flowers and pine.
Availability: NOW
Langia zenzeroides 15 eggs
Amazing Hawkmoth cryptically patterned, with huge wing scales. Bright green eggs become maroon. Bold larvae.
Availability: June onwards
Beckeri Marsh Fritillary Euodrydryas aurinia beckeri 10 larvae
Beautiful and large bright orange form of Marsh Fritillary from Iberia.
Availability: May/June
Broad-bordered Bee Hawk H fuciformis pupae
SPECIAL PRICES for this special Hawmoth that is seldom available. The moths are born with scales, which are immediately lost in flight!
Availability: NOW
Painted Lady cardui  5 larvae in Pot on Diet
Five larvae in a pot of artificial diet, requiring no special attention or foodplant. Pupae are formed in the pot and then they are hatched in a cage or box.
Availability: NOW
Chinese Golden Emperor Loëpa oberthuri 15 eggs
A very striking Saturniid, new to our lists and not widely known. Wonderful and hardy larvae.
Availability: May 2018
Moonlander Moth Trap with Supports and Goodden GemLight
The most compact and lightweight trap in the world. Runs up to 9 hours on only 8 AA batteries. No lugging of brick-like batteries!
Availability: NOW
The Goodden GemLight
An amazing concept using compact electronics to attract insects, on tiny power. Designed for the Moonlander Moth Trap
Availability: NOW
Eri Silkmoth Philosamia cynthia ricini 10 larvae.
Extra fine and robust stock. Eggs being laid now. Larvae do well on Privet and many other foodplants. Easy to rear kept warm in winter.
Availability: Summer 2018
Automeris excreta 3 pupae
We have offered excreta eggs before and these are the first pupae. Seldom available.
Availability: NOW
Automeris tridens Central America 3 cocoons
We have a few pupae of this Bulls Eye Moth. Not generally available
Availability: NOW
Scarce Swallowtail podalirius pupae
This magnificent European Swallowtail is available again as pupae.
Availability: Autumn 2018
Byasa (Atrophoneura) alcinous Far Eastern Russia pupae
An exotic Swallowtail that flies beautifully in a tropical greenhouse. These pupae are dormant to keep cool until emergence in spring.
Availability: NOW
Eyed Hawk Smerinthus ocellata pupae
Very fine and healthy pupae for breeding in spring. Streamlined larvae beautifully camouflaged on the foodplant.
Availability: NOW
Hog sphinx Darapsa myron North America 15 eggs
Absent for many years we can now offer eggs of this interesting Hawkmoth for supply in the coming summer.
Availability: June/July
Sphingonaepiopsis gorgoniades Eastern Europe/Asia a PAIR of pupae
Little-known Hawk with some appearance akin to proserpina, and a larva like Hummingbird Hawk. Never offered before! Most unusual.
Availability: NOW
Oak Hawk Marumba quercus PAIR of pupae
Relatively unknown in Britain, but one of the most interesting Hawkmoths. The moth is amazingly camouflaged. The larvae thrive on Oaks, especially Evergreen species.
Availability: NOW
Saturnia pavoniella Breeding Cocoons
Closely related to the Emperor Moth. Larger and with remarkable caterpillars. Click to see the wonderful larvae.
Availability: NOW
OSIER A wonderful foodplant. Ten cuttings
One of the most universal of all foodplants. Fast-growing in the garden or potted. Read the full description.
Availability: NOW
Morpho peleides 10 larvae
Very exceptional to have larvae available. A great opportunity.
Availability: May 2018 onwards
Owl Butterfly Caligo species 10 larvae
Larvae feed on Banana leaves and Calathea
Availability: May 2018
African Moon Moth Argema mimosae Cocoons
Fine cocoons, just received from Kenya. Larvae thrive on evergreen Eucalyptus gunnii.
Availability: Summer 2018
Theretra japonica Pupae
Another new species for WWB. Seldom available for breeding and a chance to explore habits and behaviour of a relatively unknown species.
Availability: NOW
Ampelophaga rubiginosa from Far Eastern Russia A breeding stock of 5 pupae
An interesting new Sphingid from Russia. Easily bred, Fascinating and varied larvae.
Availability: NOW
Giant Peacock Moth pyri Cocoons  SPECIAL PRICES
Europe's largest moth. Magnificent moths and beautiful larvae. Early cocoons available at lower than usual prices!
Availability: NOW
Morpho peleides pupae
Successful emergence needs a tropical greenhouse. Hang the pupae in the shade.
Availability: June
Small Elephant Hawk porcellus pupae SALE PRICE
Brilliantly coloured moths. Larvae are reared on Bedstraw, and are like Elephant larvae in miniature.
Availability: NOW
Elephant Hawk elpenor pupae
Wonderful magenta and olive markings. Larvae are a joy to rear on Fuschia or Willowherb.
Availability: NOW
Garden Tiger caja Woolly Bears 10 larvae
Woolly Bear caterpillars are great favourites and will be ready in March/April. Once common in hedgerows. Maybe we can help bring them back?
Availability: NOW
CHART Caterpillars of British Moths 1 and 2, Gordon Riley & David Carter
Two charts showing a massive variety of interesting moth caterpillars. A practical identification reference.
Availability: NOW
Cherry Moth promethea 5 cocoons for breeding
An amazing species, with male and female quite dissimilar. Flies and breeds by day. Curious and beautiful larvae, white with decorations of yellow or red.
Availability: Autumn 2018
Breeding Butterflies & Moths - Ekkehard Friedrich
A most comprehensive bible on breeding many species in captivity. The only one of its kind.
Availability: NOW
Plastic Box Size 8 Medium. Pack of Six
An excellent new size for rearing larvae. Pack of six.
Availability: NOW
Pyjama Mini Cage 22 x 29 x 25cm high
The MINI PJ cage has now grown about a third and is better proportioned. Price held.
Availability: NOW
Pyjama Cage LARGE 60 x 40 cm changeable height
Revolutionary design. Lots of space. Easy to maintain. Choose between low or high and change at will. Temporary SPECIAL PRICE!
Availability: NOW
New to the WWB website. High quality forceps for use in larvae rearing - at a very low price
Availability: NOW
NETTING Fine Black Nylon 10 metres SALE PRICE
Worldwide Butterflies netting price is very low. Now there is a SPECIAL PROMOTION PRICE on 10 metres!
Availability: NOW
£31.95 £22.95
Artificial Mulberry Diet for 20 Silkworms
Special Promotion Price. Substitute food for silkworms when mulberry difficult to find.
Availability: NOW
Outfit to rear silkworms from egg to cocoon, complete with diet, and equipment to reel the silk - some 3 miles from each cocoon!
Availability: NOW
£59.50 £39.50
Idea leuconoe Philippines 8 pupae
With papery wings leuconoe difts through the jungle!
Availability: June


 Livestock orders not able to be supplied are carried over for priority supply the next season. Please inform us if you wish to cancel and be credited or refunded.

Livestock sent to UK addresses will be replaced or credited if it arrives dead and is reported within 2 days. Not if it dies subsequently or is reported later.   Orders are sent internationally only at the buyer's risk.

Please note that all prices are subject to 20% VAT (except books and orders from non-EU countries), and carriage charges, which will be added to your order at the checkout.

Livestock sent outside the UK, whilst we do our best to see that it arrives safely, is sent at the BUYER'S RISK. Livestock to Mediterranean countries is often subject to delay and hot climate. Please do not order eggs/larvae, nor pupae that are not dormant, to be sent where it is hot.  Livestock sent to USA need USDA permits. We cannot send to AUS or NZ, unless government authorised.


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