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The frame and bag requires the addition of a handle. The recommended handle is the short telescopic model, but the fitting will allow other handles if preferred. The net cannot be used without the addition of a handle, so please order the handle of your choice.

New design and construction. Two aluminium arms fit the sturdy Y-piece. The end hoop is made of rigid but flexible nylon. This gives tension to add rigidity to the frame, but allows some shock resistance if the net is brought down hard on the ground. Nicely balanced, professional net for which we recommend the smaller telescopic handle (33 to 70 cm). The thread will fit a female screw fitting of 6 mm (M6) or can be adapted for 8 mm (M8).

The longer telescopic handle can also be used where particularly long reach is required.

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The very full net bag is made of durable fine mesh and it closes completely at the Y-piece.

Note: To dismantle the frame, press the nylon hoop on a table or the ground and press downwards. This releases the tension and allows the frame to be taken apart for travel.