Red Underwing Catocala nupta 15 eggs

Red Underwing Catocala nupta 15 eggs
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Red Underwing Catocala nupta

A large and very grand species, with the most wonderful scarlet underwings which are flashed from beneath its grey exterior when disturbed.  The larvae feed on Poplars and Willows (Osier is ideal). When they hatch, use a soft artist’s brush to transfer the larvae on to fresh Poplar in a plastic box. Within a few days, we recommend that the larvae are sleeved on growing foodplant, which can be potted or growing outside. The larvae are well camouflaged on the Poplar stems. After becoming quite large, they pupate amongst leaf litter and produce moths in late summer. Eggs are laid on bark and in captivity they will usually lay on netting, preferably double, coarse mesh. The eggs overwinter, so keep them in the fridge until spring.