Fine and strong netting - very fine mesh to exclude tiny parasitic wasps.

A multitude of uses. Butterfly flight areas. Covering for box tops and panels. Sleeving larvae. Butterfly and moth laying cages. Larvae rearing cages. Butterfly and moth emerging cages. Field study nets. Shade material. ..............

Width appx 170 cms+ (68 inches+)

We have just purchased the last available stock of this fine netting that we are offering again at a greatly reduced price. When this stock has sold we expect the replacement to be at not such a low price as it is currently offered.

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NETTING Fine Black Nylon 5 metres SALE PRICE
Availability: NOW

NETTING Fine Black Nylon 5 metres 170cm wide

Was £18.95 (£3.79/m) SPECIAL SALE PRICE now £13.95 (£2.79/m)

Ideal for covering box tops, cages, netting replacement and making sleeves. This soft netting is ideal for making field nets.

This netting is durable, resists tearing and deterioration in UV light. It is fine enough to keep out minute flies and parasites.


£18.95 £13.95