Morpho peleides 10 larvae

Morpho peleides 10 larvae
Morpho peleides 10 larvae
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Morpho peleides Central and South America


For Southern Europe, Mediterranean countries, please select fast courier. Larvae cannot be sent by post.

We have selcom been able to list Morpho larvae before.  They will be available in July, for a short period. Morpho larvae will usually eat Calathea, a generally available pot plant in a variety of species. The European foodplants tried so far with success are Salix (Willows and Sallows), of which there are a number of species, not all of which will succeed, False Acacia Robinia pseudacacia, Clover, Laburnum, Peanut and Wiseria. We don't guarantee any of the foodplants, but here is a chance to learn by experience! 


Some warmth is required, about 25-30 degrees. The larvae are fast growing. Young larvae have an interesting black ruff around the head. They are highly colourful and patterned in Burgundy and yellow, with decorative tufts of hair. 


Pupae are suspended from the tail, like green Christmas baubles.


This is a rare opportunity. Give them a try.